Childhood disappointment

Before the pregnancy, I visited my father in south Georgia. We stopped to eat at a restaurant we frequented when I was a child.

Funny how you see things differently when you’re older.



Still have amazing cheese grits!

As a child, I thought of Mr. Chick as a place that sold chicken and gave money to our t-ball team. We wore red shirts with Mr. Chick across the front.
As an adult, I stood at the counter and realized it was fast food. The decor, genius. I didn’t remember that.
But when they called my number and slid the tray across the counter, I stared  down at all my food–in styrofoam. This day and age and they are still serving food in styrofoam? Even McDonald’s gave that up ages ago.


Sliding in the booth to eat chicken with my father was comforting, familiar, and painfully nostalgic. I wouldn’t give that moment up for anything. It was just he and I eating chicken and talking about our day.

Then I started taking pictures of my food and the packaging. He didn’t judge. Maybe this is how it would have been for Alice in Wonderland if she’d jumped thorough the rabbit hole a second time. (But she was no longer seven. She was thirty-seven.) She would see things differently, don’t you think? As an adult, Wonderland might not look so wonderous after all, but scary instead.

This is where I vote with my dollar. I would not frequent this restaurant again because they have not moved with the times. I am not going to eat out of styrofoam at a restaurant. It wasn’t to-go. We ate IN the restaurant.  Styrofoam doesn’t go away. If I don’t make a stand…..who will? Will my child stand on mountains of styrofoam we’ve left? Including the pieces I threw away that day?

Come on, Mr. Chick. Do the right thing!


Have you given up anything you loved for the sake of the planet? Stopped buying a product or eating somewhere? Voted with your dollar? Having a hard time giving something up? Share your story.


7 responses to “Childhood disappointment

  1. misswhiplash

    once upon a time I did go McDonald’s, that was many years ago… I will not eat beefburgers, not because I am vegetarian, because I am just don’t know what is in it. Sausages I have not eaten since I was 11 when my step father told me what rubbish goes into them. I would love to be a veggie but Neville would not so we plod on with chicken and pork but that is all. I would give it all up tomorrow if I could because eating really is a waste of time…a food pill would do me fine!

    • hey miss whiplash, eating is a lifelong adventure for the tastebuds, and the fingers, and don’t forget the growing your own too, ok, hard to have a cow in town, but i mean parsley on the windowsill, carrots in the flower bed type of treat. i celebrate food, signed foodiefan..

      • misswhiplash

        No nadine I cannot agree..eating food is a waste of time. One day some clever person will discover a pill that does everything..that will be fine for me.
        that is just my opinion ..each to his own…..

  2. Amen Jen!! Not only wasteful but ugh…the feel of a styrofoam cup on your lips! And that plastic fork punching holds in the bottom of the bowl!!! I boycott this stuff.

    • yes pat, the very sound of plastic against styrofoam is the new chalkboard nightmare to the eco-conscience..nothing friendly about the scrape of petro-products on spoils the restaurant experience, across the years..a good meal in good old plates and solid forks with solid folk is a treasure.

  3. Great post, Jen!
    Just think, there were only two of you. What if there were a family of five and all that trashed styrofoam? Frightening to think about, isn’t it?

  4. Hey everyone!
    Your comments always make me smile. I especially love it when you talk amongst yourselves. 🙂

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