Eco steps of a local wine and coffee shop

The Blue Goose Wine and Coffee Shoppe is an expensive, eco-friendly, quaint shoppe I found while we resided south with the snow birds. What a pleasant surprise to find how many environmentally friendly and creative, non-wasteful ways they came up with to serve and decorate.



Homemade lotions for sale.


Paper bags, not plastic.


I’ve yet to see one of these before in a coffee shop. I was thrilled.


Local coffee from within the state.


Is there a better way to decorate in a wine shop? I think not. Creative and upcycled. Bravo!


This might have been my favorite decoration. Pallets!


Hung in the bathroom, (if I remember correctly.) Creative and upcycled.


Sure there was that plastic wrapping on the muffin, but overall, I was very impressed. How else would you wrap a day old muffin? I struggle with this. Any suggestions?


We could sit outside and enjoy the view.


The shop looked out toward main street and the amazing green that is the south.


A round of applause for a small town local coffee shop who really put out the effort.


And a big thank you to Alex for meeting up with me for coffee within her busy schedule and to Peggy for introducing it to me during the Mardi Gras festival. Two shining gems in my memories that are St. Marys.

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2 responses to “Eco steps of a local wine and coffee shop

  1. It is good to know that some shops are doing their best to be eco-friendly..not a lot like that in Bulgaria ( if any),,Thank you for the photos

  2. Kudos to Blue Goose for keeping their business so green (maybe they should be called The Green Goose?). Thanks for sharing their tips. I had no idea there were compostable straws–great! As for your question on plastic wrap, recently I found “BioBags compostable cling wrap” at a Whole Foods store in our area. It’s plant-based.

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