Ouch! How we lose water!

I cheated and took a picture of this. Hope I haven’t shown it to you already. It was in our water bill last year and I found it so surprising! G.P.M. stands for gallons per minute. G.A.M. stands for gallons a month. I just like stats and thought you all might find it interesting.


IMG_6928 IMG_6929


2 responses to “Ouch! How we lose water!

  1. I never get tired of seeing things like that!

    When you look at your water bill, you may notice that it’s not just water you’re paying for. For every 100-gallons you pay to have treated coming IN to your home, you pay another cost for the SAME quantity: in effluent. That is, water that leaves your house as waste to be treated (again) off-site, whether or not it goes down your drain. In our area, that waste is more than half of the cost of the bill.

    Here’s an exercise. Think of how much water you use every month. FIRST — think how much of it must be clean, potable, drinking (a/k/a treated water) like teeth brushing, bathing, consuming through food and/or drink, washing dishes, etc. NOW — think how much doesn’t necessarily need to be treated like laundry, toilets, washing the car, watering the grass, washing windows, floors. The latter list is much MUCH bigger for most households. #1 and #2 on the most water useage in a household? Laundry and toilets.

    Reuse water where you can. Secondary uses can significantly lower a water bill. Use your kitchen sink water to water house plants. Use one tub of bath water several times (there are six of us), then continue using it to flush the toilet right next to it, or fill a 5-gallon bucket to soak dirty diapers or lawn clothes in (as a pre-wash), then dump THAT into the yard flower beds. It’s not much work, once you get the hang of it. Catching laundry water is a bit trickier; this “grey” water is superb for watering trees on your property with a watering bag. Just let the washing machine pump it into a bucket instead of down the drain, and you’re nurturing trees while you fold your nappies and panties.

    Water is our most precious resource. Thanks, Jennifer, for keeping it in our frontal cortex.

    PS — Now that we’re in the house, we are on well water (that we don’t pay for), but our conservation habits are so entrenched, we still do them all!

  2. WOW!! This amazes me. I knew our water use and waste was high, but…I will condition myself to conserve more. Thank you so much, Jennifer.

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