Making homemade applesauce for baby

Need to use up those fall apples? Can’t finish the bag?
Here’s an idea if you want to substitute sugar in your recipes–homemade apple sauce! If you choose sweeter apples, you’ll have a sweeter sauce.
Or eat it with kielbasa and cabbage.
Or feed it to your baby.
It’s homemade, easy to do, and 100% natural. (Feel free to add sugar, but I don’t add anything to mine and it comes out yummy and sweet.)



If you prefer your applesauce without the peel…


Cut, core, and dump them in the crock pot on low until soft (maybe 3 to 5 hours) or cook on the stove for about 1/2 hour.


Once soft, allow to cool and throw those suckers in the blender or Magic Bullet–skins and all.


Portion out for baby, or for you. Freezes well.


Happy Fall!


2 responses to “Making homemade applesauce for baby

  1. Applesauce is one of the best parts of autumn. We like ours with the peels left on too – it adds some colour so that it doesn’t look so bland.

  2. We still make applesauce this way. I will use the cooked stuff in recipes in place of oil, eat as a snack, or pack in kids’ lunch kits. So easy to do, I don’t know why ANYONE would pay for it in the store.

    I loved pureeing foods for my babies. Whatever we ate for dinner, I would just pop a few portions into the 1 cup food processor and give it a few pulses. Some for dinner, some for later. I would them plop down a few spoons for her to finger-paint, lick, eat right from the table top (keeping her occupied), while I spooned the rest into her mouth. Such fun days, and what a savings in bought baby food! Too bad I only learned to do it by childs #3 and #4.

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