What I do all day long with one tiny baby

Not a very green post, this one. Just thought I’d share a little. I don’t do that enough.

I am floored how busy I am with one kid. Just one. And granted, I realize my life isn’t any different from any other mother, but I just thought I’d give a peek into mine. And hey, it’s all new to me.

She looks innocent enough, doesn't she?

She looks innocent enough, doesn’t she?

IMG_2633 IMG_2632

IMG_1610 IMG_1611

Once she’s down for a nap, I gather toys scattered across the floor, under the recliner, behind the stool and put them in a small bag. I place all the books smeared across the floor back into the cardboard box that sits at the top of the stairs my husband keeps meaning to take downstairs. I stuff all the magazines back into the rack. I remove all her colorful, plastic cups from the empty cupboard in the very back and slide the bread machine back in there. I reload the diaper bag with everything she’s taken out. I replace the dish towels from the floor to the oven rack…..for the 13th time. I pile all her little clothes she’s tossed out of the laundry basket back intoΒ the laundry basket, and refold all the cloth diapers she’s unfolded and thrown over her shoulder. Oh, and then there’s the bookshelf she’s discovered. I pick up and rearrange each book.

I’ve had mothers say, “You’ll learn to do all that once—at the end of the night.”

Yet, it keeps her busy. When she wakes from her nap, she’s awed by a wonderland of clean that she gets to tear down again. It keeps her busy and last weekend when I plum gave up, she seemed a little lost. There was nothing to “play” with. Besides, I figure it keeps me moving since I’m not exactly going to the gym now a days.

Mind you, that’s only during her nap.

And if you think I’m busy, you should see her…


IMG_2602 IMG_2603


She didn’t want to wear the hat.


Then she forgot she had it on. (So cute when they do that!)

Sometimes I think, “Every girl’s dream. I worked so hard at a college education just to pick up books and toys off the floor all day long. How fruitful I am.” Other days, I’m flattered by a baby who cries when I leave the room. That crawls up my legs and holds her tiny arms in the air for me to lift her. Who ceases tiny sobs when I pick her up. Who follows me with a million mile an hour crawl when I go into the bathroom and smiles a giant grin so big her eyes squint when she finds me.

See how babies suck you in? πŸ™‚




9 responses to “What I do all day long with one tiny baby

  1. Life as a baby is very short so enjoy it whilst you can. All the mess and pickle is irrelevant, so is the dusting and the housework. Enjoy these months whilst they are here. Believe or not..these really are the easy years. Maybe you will not agree but just wait and see?.. teenagers are the bain of any parents life and there will be so many times when you will wish that Emma was small again and you had more control. If it is any consolation ..once you are a Mum..its a job for life…there is no going back.
    l loved the photos and I think you have one beautiful daughter……lots of love

  2. Although it’s been many years since I had a baby on the floor, I felt the same way when I cared for my mother-in-law. The coffee wasn’t hot enough, she’d misplaced her hat, it was time for a meal or a snack. Amazing how the emotions you describe are the same for each age group. You relish it because you know it can’t last forever and when it’s gone you’ll miss it.

  3. She’s adorable!! I love that she was confused when you didn’t tidy up and there was nothing to ‘play’ with!!

  4. @ Anne—I didn’t realize it went for both age groups, but that sure does make sense. πŸ™‚
    @Sarah—thank you! I had so many pictures of her building up and I thought I have to share some of these things, she’s such a busy little thing! And is so darn cute.
    @MissWhipLash—you are right in so many ways. I’m exhausted but I sure am enjoying this time. Everytime I pick her up and she puts her tiny little arms around me, I melt.

  5. Beautiful, you two! I remember those days…not much of the details but definitely the constant movement and the picking up. Now that they are older, I make them do most of the work. Thank you for making me remember how precious those days are. πŸ™‚

  6. I can’t believe how fast your cutie patootie is growing. I had to hunt for this site; for some reason it isn’t popping up on any of my web sites.. Help Jen!
    I miss you!!!

    • Miss Pat—I was going to say because I’ve been too swamped to write anything! But then I see where you signed up again. πŸ™‚
      You figured it out all by yourself. My electronics savvy aunt.

      @Shannon—thank you. I’m thinking about you in that warm Texas sun. πŸ™‚

  7. Is she CUTE or what! πŸ˜€ Just wait til the day when she heads off to first day of school… then, YOU will cry!! 😦 Those tiny little arms are so precious. Hope you are doing well, Jennifer.

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