A sight that never grows old

There is nothing prettier to me than the bright whites blowing in the breeze…


The cloth diapering is still going well. My mother-in-law taught me to sprinkle baby power ON the diaper, rather than the baby and now diaper rash no longer exists!

We did break down and purchase expensive, compostable diapers for outings and   a 12 hour sleep-through-the-night baby. But using them at that rate, one box lasts me a pretty long while. (Guess I need to go out more, ya think?)

IMG_7070After plenty of research, I’ve found these to be the best environmental choice. Sure, I could tote around poopy, cloth diapers in a Ziploc baggie if I had to. But there is no cloth diaper—even if I doubled them and still used two pair of plastic pants–that is going to keep this heavy wetter dry as she sleeps through the entire night. That’s diaper rash city waiting to happen. And if the crazy things compost, I don’t see that as a zero waste smear. It’s still zero waste. I use the boxes for toy storage and the plastic bag inside for trash. Those darn plastic bags, right?

The kicker will be to see if they really compost. My husband buried about 20 in a hole in the back yard. Since the snow will be upon us soon, I’m looking at spring, once that snow melts to dig up and see the surprise. I’m hoping there won’t be much there….I guess we shall see! To be continued! I’ll have to do a post on my treasure hunt. Treasure. Ha!

I still do not understand why folks think it’s so inconvenient to use cloth diapers. I just can’t comprehend it. It hasn’t been a pain for us at all. I wonder what I’m missing?

As Claudia says….
Just sayin’…

month 7 maybe

What have you found to be easier in life than other folks seem to think?

Interesting articles about cloth diapers:



5 responses to “A sight that never grows old

  1. Somehow there is something more cuddly when putting on a proper nappy. Disposible is detached from feeling..does that sound daft!.
    But whst keeps them white that is what I want to know

  2. What an adorable photo!

  3. Aww…she is such a cutie!

  4. Wow! As someone with a cloth diaper fetish, I don’t know which photo I like better. Okay, it’s a toss-up. You have two winners. What a little sweetheart she is! And I’m sure that’s her disposition all the time, huh? Haha!

    I don’t get why people think cloth is so inconvenient, either. So glad it was your final choice and that it’s worked out so well for you. Take care of your future “little helper.”

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