Making baby food

Just wanted to share this with you. Mostly because it is so colorful and pretty. Though Miss Precious has  now moved on to eating real food with tiny fingers, this was a most interesting little ride. My cousin bestowed upon me a baby food book and it mentioned pureeing the food and freezing it into ice trays.

baby food 2

In this one I mixed corn and broccoli.

Of all the food I’ve ever created, this may be my prettiest.

Plum, cauliflower, broccoli, peach and corn off the cob.

Plum, cauliflower, broccoli, strawberries, and corn off the cob.

Trying to save money by not buying baby food, I purchased fresh fruit and veggies at the market on Saturday, steamed them, stuck them in the Magic Bullet (a sweet little gift from my brother a few years back) and froze them. She started out eating two at a time and then moved up to four, etc. I could mix them as I saw fit, giving her new taste experiences.

IMG_0197I think the little thing appreciated it. 🙂

What have you tried in the baby food department?

(A big kiss to all of you who are wonderful about leaving comments. I’m not so wonderful about it. I read blogs on my phone at the wee hours of the morning but rarely say anything. But nothing inspires me more than all of you out there writing away. Keep up the inspiration!)

4 responses to “Making baby food

  1. that looks too familiar!

    she has grown a lot. WOW! What a cutie! Give her a warm hug from me!

  2. Wow, those months went fast, didn’t they? I loved it when the girls were big enough to start eating little bites on their own – it seemed to make life so much easier (and much messier). It was always handy to have a dog around to clean up the mess on the floor around the highchair.

    My kids favourites were squash, carrots and sweet potato – they loved the orange veggies so much that their skin took on a orange-y tone. They both looked like they had a George Hamilton tan.

  3. hey, I am going to tell you what I have tried in the baby food department… I LOVE the Arrowroot cookies! For ME!! lol

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