35 ways to save green—$$ and the environment

These are so much fun! See how many you do, how many you could do, and add any you don’t see in the comments section so I can do them!
Are you ready? 😉

1. No more delivery pizza. Try your hand at making your own!
2. No more buying movies–use Netflix instead.
3. Take military showers.
4. For 6 months out of the year, consciously buy only what you need and not what you want.
5. Max out your ROTH.
6. Cancel cable, get Hulu.
7. Make cards instead of buying them.
8. Reuse Ziploc bags.
9. Catch water in dish pans the sink, in buckets in the tub, from the rain outside and use it to water your flowers or compost.
10. Make your own coffee instead of buying it while out.
11. Cook in as much as possible, instead of eating out.
12. Take the effort to cut coupons and purchase only what’s on sale.
13. Play the video games you have instead of buying new ones.
14. Don’t use as much toothpaste or any product.
15. Don’t turn water on at full force when you wash your hands.
16. Make your own products.
17. Make your own food products rather than buying them.
18. Dye your own hair.
19. Cut your spouse’s or children’s hair.
20. Don’t buy any more perfume or lotions until you’ve used up what you have.
21. Buy clothes from a thrift shop.
22. Buy used books.
23. Prolong the life of your clothing by washing them according to the tag instructions.
24. Prolong the life of tennis shoes by not keeping them in extreme temperatures (such as outside or in a hot or freezing car. Scrub them with a toothbrush or use leather whitener.)
25. Use ALL of the product, get to the bottom of the soap dispenser or shampoo by adding a tablespoon of water and shaking it up.
26. Cut open lotion bottles, and toothpaste with scissors to use the very last drop.
27. Don’t buy magazines, books, movies; use the library instead.
28. Take care of your health to keep medical bills down when you’re older. Make the effort to eat well and exercise.
29. Use the back of paper, especially when printing out.
30. Check credit card statements frequently.
31. If a bill goes up, don’t just pay it— call and complain, ask why, sometimes they’ll give you a discount.
32. Always, ALWAYS ask for a discount. Senior citizens, military, student, or frequent buyer, etc.
33. Utilize yard sales. No need to pay full price for anything if you don’t have to!
34. Choose credit cards, etc. with reward points and then USE THEM!
35. Pay your credit card off every month, if you can.

Saving is entertaining. With the bits you shave off from extras, you can utilize that money to take a trip, purchase something you really want, or reap peace of mind for a rainy day. Because they do come. My parents taught me: If you live like you’re in a depression, when one hits, you’ll never notice.


4 responses to “35 ways to save green—$$ and the environment

  1. Good list! Can you elaborate on number 3…..what is a military shower?

  2. Alex, a Military shower is when you turn the water on to get wet, Turn the water off to soap up, And then turn it on again just to rinse off the soap. Therefore you don’t run the water the whole time. It’s also known as a submarine shower because submariners are not allowed to use very much water as they do not have very much water to use while on the boat. But it’s also what we did in basic military training mainly due to time restraints so some call it military showers.
    Thanks for reading!! 🙂

  3. This is outstanding! I love this list, and am delighted that we are kindred spirits to see how many I am already doing. But military showers? Brilliant. Your explanation to your reader Alex is great, and I had a feeling it was like ‘camping showers’ when you have a privacy tarp surrounding a solar-heated bag. You have to turn it off as you soap up. Nothing like the military (or camping) to help one appreciate the preciousness of water and how we needn’t waste so much in order to get squeaky clean. Nearly all my outdoor watering is done from rain barrels and all my indoor plants are watered from captured tap-water. Thanks for sharing another wise and wonderful post. From a new fan (thanks Shannon!) Gina

  4. I cut my husband’s hair in 5 minutes and when I finish, I say, “That will be $15 please…” (he never pays me.) I also used to cut my doll’s hair, but they never came back for a second appointment!

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