Havana Community Garden

While driving to visit daddy last year, I passed a community garden in Havana, Georgia. I had to get out and snoop. By far the cleanest, most successful community garden I’d seen yet, I had to ask, “How and who runs it?”


Paths perfectly mulched, a few lone gardeners roamed throughout their plots. Started in 2009, local gardeners teamed with the city of Havana. Aha! Turns out plots ran $25 a year. Only a true gardener would pay that much. Only a true gardener would pull their own and actually garden. Every Saturday (or was it every other Saturday?) each plot owner was expected to help clean the garden–lay mulch, weed, someone painted the fence. If you didn’t show up, you paid a fine.

The entrance gate.

The entrance gate.


Perfectly mulched paths.


Bamboo pulled from the bamboo bushes in the background.


Mulch donated by a local company.

IMG_2865 IMG_2876


Do you have a community garden near you?


4 responses to “Havana Community Garden

  1. you are right Jennifer.. dedicated gardeners only and how hard they work. They must be so proud of what they have achieved…..Love to Emma xxx

  2. Forest So Green

    Thanks for the link to my blog. Community gardens are very popular these days and I enjoyed reading your post 🙂 Annie

  3. It’s great to see other community gardens. I love mine! ( Fort Mason Community Garden, San Francisco).

  4. So nice – this post reminded me, I should try to get involved with our community kerbside gardening, on of the things that attracted me to this suburb way back when. But, can I realistically add anything more to my schedule, hmmm

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