Kroger’s bring your own bag

What a thrill to pull into a grocery store and be reminded as I park—DON’T FORGET YOUR BAG, MORON.

Okay, that’s not exactly what it said…

But that’s what I heard in my head when I saw it. BECAUSE that’s what I feel like when I leave the darn thing in the car. Or in the garage to be placed in the car.
Anyway, kudos for Kroger for the reminder. What a brilliant idea!


4 responses to “Kroger’s bring your own bag

  1. I need a sign like that too – though I am much better at remembering these days. Our grocery store keeps empty boxes at the front, so if you forget your bins or bags, you can grab a box instead and then just put it in the recycling at home.

  2. What a great idea…I shall have to pass this one along to our local market.

  3. I always walk to the shops, almost always on a single mission, so I’m usually not too forgetful. IN any case, if I don’t go on a mission, I have a largish handbag. I pretty much NEVER get plastic. The BF isn’t so diligent, but it’s a learning curve and he’s trying!

  4. What an awesome sign! My local grocer has signs on the door but many of us have already left them in the trunk at that point ;). A big reminder in the parking lot is perfect!

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