Aveda Salon will take your tops!

Off your bottles, not off your back!


When Claudiajustsaying blogged about the difficulty of getting tops off of anything as we grow older and what to do about it on her Household Tips and Disclaimers, I mentioned what to do with all those tops. She asked if I’d blogged about it.

I had. Here. 

But when my mother visited the store in another state, they told her that was only a promotion.
After many phone calls and another visit, turns out it was not a promotion.

Aveda Salon WILL take your tops. The employees at Aveda explained to me they use the plastic to make bottles in which to hold their products. Taking a look around the store, there is quite a bit of environmentally friendly going on there.

If you’re one to color your hair or are just concerned what you wash it with—Aveda’s a good place to visit.
At least to drop your tops off!

Hats off to them!


4 responses to “Aveda Salon will take your tops!

  1. Another reason to like Aveda. They are expensive and I don’t purchase much from them, but I do like them,

  2. I’m lucky to be able to put them in the kerb side recycling in my patch of Australia, but great info for my memory back

  3. Thanks for the reminder…just saying

  4. http://www.aveda.com/locator/index.tmpl this is the store locator for Aveda nearest you…just saying

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