Crafty art ideas for reusing items

I found these at the Five Points Community Farmer’s Market in Norfolk, VA.

And Amelia at the Green Alternatives store in Norfolk, VA. found a new use for an old window. (Which she displayed beautifully in her store near the cash register.)

Cloth glued on glass panes of an old window.

Beer bottle cap ideas sent in by readers:

1. Glue them to a table and have a fitted piece of cut glass laid over them. It makes a colorful, artsy conversation piece and workable table.

2. Hello Paleo! said to glue magnets to the back of them and use them on the fridge.

3. Alison suggested painting them and making jewelry out of them.

4. Felise wrote in and said to cut out pictures in old magazines. Glue the pictures to the bottle cap, fill with resin, let sit for 24 hours and add a peel and stick magnet to back. Here’s an example of Cory Lundquist who does this professionally! He’ll even do it for your business, and you can buy them in bulk!

5.  SkillzMcfly melted broken, colored crayons , filled the beer bottle caps and added a wick . I loved, loved, LOVED this idea. I think I’ll try this one once we move to the crayon stage. 🙂

(All  these ideas could be sold  at craft fairs.)

One response to “Crafty art ideas for reusing items

  1. Great ideas!

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