Giving up steamable vegetables

Yes ma’am. As convenient as they are, I just could not deal with all the excess plastic.


Since 2010, I am now buying (or growing) my own veggies and cooking them either in the crock pot or on the stove or in the oven. It takes a few more minutes, but it’s worth it. One more thing I’ve given up, one less thing in the trashcan!

(Granted, I have no life anymore and spend all my time in the kitchen or the garden and feel like I’ve turned into my grandma, but score anyway!)



5 responses to “Giving up steamable vegetables

  1. Those look like the makings of some yummy fries!

  2. Good for you – I loved my vegie patch when I lived at my parents. At least my new apartment has more light, so maybe my housewarming party will provide me with some herbs to grow?

  3. Wow good on you. I grow most of my own food too though I still buy some food for the freezer. Might have to go back to tinned peas etc. Thanks for the push. Mx

  4. Gardening is the perfect zero waste – anything that we don’t consume gets composted. Win, win.

  5. I really should learn to do more with fresh vegetables. They seem like such a hassle though. We don’t create much garbage so I don’t feel too bad about using some packaged stuff.

    A Faraway View

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