Uses for olive oil other than the kitchen

If you remember, my Roman-wanna-be husband once wrote a post about shaving with olive oil. In the dry winter months, I’ve found other uses for it too.

1. Moisturizer for dry skin and cuticles.
After a bath or shower, pat yourself dry but not completely. Work a thin layer on dry legs, elbows, heels, and cuticle beds. Allow yourself to air dry the rest of the way.

2. Making candles
Apply a thin coat to the bottom of the candle holder before pouring in the melted wax. Candle should slip right out.

3. Replace cupcake papers
I haven’t bought cupcake or muffin papers in years. I just oil up the muffin pan with olive oil instead. Granted, it does require scrubbing afterwards….

4. Avoid hair balls 
Adding 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon olive oil to cat food prevents hair balls.

5. Shine stainless steel or lube tops of door hinges to keep from squeaking.
Only a small dab is needed.

6. Remove eye makeup.
I have never personally tried this one, but you know I will now.

7. Unstick a zipper
Apply a drop to lubricate teeth using a Q-tip, but DO NOT GET ON FABRIC!

8. Drink as a snack.
No, really. I know someone who does this. He claims it’s full of the good fats and he looks good so…..

Any I missed?


5 responses to “Uses for olive oil other than the kitchen

  1. Oh I like the spray oil on noisy hinges! Works a treat. I also use it to protect razors. Not ready to drink it, and I did try coconut oil as a eye make up remover, so I could adjust to olive oil, though mine is a little strongly scented. And no cupcake wrappers here either. Winning!

  2. Love this! I never would have thought something like olive oil (something we always have on hand) could have such a variety of uses! My husband swears by olive oil as a snack as well. He drinks a tablespoon at night before bed a few days a week.

  3. I rarely use any oil but olive oil, and I am very intrigued about your hint of olive oil and cats – My Homer has long hair and I brush her very frequently – life gets busy, though, so inevitably I’ll miss now and then, plus she gets hair balls, anyway! I’ve been trying one cat food after another…all with promises of helping alleviate the hair ball problem.

    I’m starting with the olive oil today!

  4. You girls are so great!!

  5. I’ve used it to oil hinges too – I bought a couple of Mistos (oil spraying can) and keep one for veg oil and one for olive oil. I never buy muffin liners either – I just spray the tins too. It works great.

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