Recyclable spinach bag

The greener or more colorful the veggie, the more nutrients. I gave up iceberg lettuce years ago in favor of dark green spinach. But it isn’t always in season and I can’t always find it in bundles in the store to place in my own mesh bag.


Second to eating in season (which only makes sense and is more environmentally friendly), I found a recycle sign on the back of the spinach bag. If a company is going to take the time to place a product in something I can recycle, I’m more likely to purchase that product.

Kudos to companies for coming around. Maybe they are starting to get it….after all. 🙂

I see signs of hope.

Do you?

2 responses to “Recyclable spinach bag

  1. I tried to grow my own spinach this year – the perfect zero waste plan. But with spring coming late, then the sudden heat wave, they bolted immediately after coming up. 100% (compostable) waste in this case. Back to bagged spinach (the only way we can buy it here) for me. At least we can recycle the bags.

  2. I hear you Heidi. Spinach is not an easy one to grow. We lost ours due to cold temps. during the last garden trial….next year we’ll try again! We’ll get it! 🙂
    At least the compost is well fed. 🙂

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