Raisin waste

I purchased the little raisin packages for my husband’s lunch but once they were empty, I thought—what a waste to just throw them away.


And so….

Next time I bought a big box of raisins (or in bulk when I could find them) and refilled the tiny boxes. I stuffed them in my glove box for snack emergencies and used them over and over until they fell apart.

Zero waste! Sort of. 🙂
Okay, close.

What do you do?


4 responses to “Raisin waste

  1. Those cute little raisin boxes are hard to part with. What about the little Altoids metal tins, great for keeping vitamins, etc. in my handbag…just saying, Claudia

  2. Then you should shred the boxes and feed the cardboard to the composting worms. They would love the residual raisin sugars and now you have zero waste!!!!

  3. Claudia—I really like the Altoid metal tin ideas. How fun to open those up and see raisens. I made my own raisens from grapes this week. They are so juicy, best I’ve ever had but it took 2 full days to dry them out. Don’t know how economical that is….
    Bishop, in the compost they go! 🙂

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