Shaving with sunscreen

My husband found some old tanning oil from his college days. How he ends up keeping this stuff…..


Who knows if it’s lost its potency but we’re long beyond the days of laying out in the sun trying to look dark. Now we’re at the age of trying to look young.
So what to do with the sunscreen besides pouring it out?
Why shaving of course.
He claims it works great!
And no…..he isn’t darker on his face than the rest of his body. Ha!



3 responses to “Shaving with sunscreen

  1. Too funny. I can see how it would work. I use hair conditioner to shave my legs – it’s cheap and it works great.

  2. misswhiplash

    it always surprises me what people can do with ‘other’ things not originally intended… sunoil to shave , hair conditioner to shave…the mind boggles with what could be tried

  3. Heidi—hair conditioner! I have to try this one!
    Misswhiplash—no truer words ever spoken!

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