Ways to save on your water bill

This comes straight off the Georgia Department of Community Affairs poster where I used to pay my water bill at City Hall:

1. Check your home for water leaks.
2. Don’t leave water running when you brush your teeth!
3. Only wash clothes and dishes on full loads.
4. Take shorter showers. Replace shower heads with ultra low-flo version.
5. Install faucet aerators.
6. Never pour water down the drain when there may be another use for it.
7. install toilet displacement devices to reduce the amount of water used for each flush.
8. Keep a jug or pitcher of water in the fridge for your next cool drink.
9. Start composting instead of using the garbage disposal.
10. Don’t use the toilet as a trash can.

I had to look up number 5 because I had no idea what it meant.  I like the idea of number 8, as I don’t usually do that. And who does number 10? That would be EXPENSIVE!

What are your strong numbers? Which ones were new to you?


3 responses to “Ways to save on your water bill

  1. We don’t have a water bill because we are on well water, but I am always after the girls to take short showers and turn the tap off while brushing their teeth. The pump runs when the water is on, using hydro and running up that bill.

  2. Oh girl, we’ve talked about this one! My (long) comment is on numbers 6 and 7.

    At the house, we live on well water. But that doesn’t make me any less conservationist. Anyone with a well must convert energy, in the form of electricity into water for plumbing. Yes, we too are “paying” for water, just as we are for the treatment of it (septic). We just don’t pay as much as municipalies charge.

    Even with well water, there is a very real possibility of having to drill a deeper well at sometime in our future, at least it is for us. People in my hood every day are converting 10’s of thousands of gallons of nature’s pure, filtered potable water into GROUND water — all for the sake of a green lawn. They do this even through a severe drought because they CAN. It is maddening; I am helpless to reverse this cause.

    Moving into an apartment — and having to pay a MINIMUM $75/mo for water — has us conserving even more. Guess what the biggest water hog is in a home, right under clothes washing? FLUSHING TOILETS. So why is it, then, we will do all the easy things, but still willingly use expensive purified water to push a poop down the hole? Well, we pondered and decided we would not do this.

    Instead, all of our grey water is stored in the bathtub next to the commode. Using a pitcher with a handle, it is then used to “flush” the toilet. Six people shower in there. Water from the rinsed hand-washed dishes goes in there. Laundry rinse cycle goes in there (why I can catch, anyway). We don’t flush after every pee. But STILL we have to occasionally flush using the handle, and pay the clean water/double sewerage expense that goes with it.

    That’s how much water a family of six uses. But guess what? Instead of a $150 water bill as is the norm here, ours has been only $80.

    Now I guess I can add Water Nazi to my list of titles! Thanks again for such a though-provoking post. It’s nice to have you back, Jennifer.

  3. Heidi and Shannon—we too are on well water but I guess it’s the electricity bill I’m trying to lower. Heidi–I do the same thing.
    Shannon, we did this with our flushes for years. Our bill NEVER went down. My mother has been doing it for 10 years and her water bill still rises. It’s maddening. It’s the taxes and the fees. She only uses $4 worth of water but that’s not what she’s paying for on her bill. It’s all those damn fees.
    Since we’ve moved into the new house, we haven’t been using the shower water for flushes. However or whatever the prior owner was using to flush barely uses any water at all. The hubby says it isn’t even worth it, it’s such a small amount. But this water Nazi isn’t completely convinced. (Am I ever?)
    Still, I’d like to try it again in this house and just see if I can tell a difference on the bill.
    I’d rather save the water anyway and “recycle” that grey water. We’ve been using it in the mini garden and on the flowers instead of flushes.
    But I might go back after reading your comment…. 🙂

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