Plastic never goes away…

We hear so much about a plastic free lifestyle for a reason…
This video puts it all in perspective.
(July is plastic-free month. I did not know this.)



5 responses to “Plastic never goes away…

  1. although i knew of the Pacific garbage patch and other gyres, i am glad to see all the links on your without plastic is a challenge, but i seek all glass jars and dishes and avoid purchasing anything in plastic–difficult in the country where the distance between empiric awareness and applied consciousness is greatest–grandmas have dropped the teaching ball on this one–they knew how to live, but they fell pray to convenience a couple of generations ago..

  2. I look forward to reading all those links. Plastic is such a curse, and I really don’t know how we, as a world, will back down from such widespread usage.

  3. Hi Jen,
    I was just thinking of your blog when I was watching “Garbage! The Revolution Starts at Home” on netflix tonight…although I didn’t see much that was “new” this little film approached the problem from a fun perspective. I thought you might want to mention it because so many people have netflix now!

  4. @Nadine—My goal is to turn into my grandma. 🙂
    @Sarah–I agree. I don’t see how we will ever go back unless something new and better is introduced or invented….
    @Frugal Hausfrau—This is the 2nd time I’ve heard this film mentioned. We have Netflix. I’ll put it in the queue and watch it and then write a post about it. There are a couple more really good ones on Netflix maybe I could mention too…!
    Thanks for the idea!
    And thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment ladies!

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