Turn off the water

I owe learning this lesson to my sister.

We saw pelicans, terns, seagulls, short-billed dowitcher, and sand fleas! But no dolphins.

She’s spent her entire adult life going behind people and turning off the water. “Don’t waste the water,” she’d say as she reached over and cut if off while I was running a bath. It’s my strongest memory of her as a teenager.

We’re turning off the water when we brush our teeth and while we wash our hands. I like how Nadine Sellers says she treats it like liquid gold. This is one my husband said he never thought about before he met me.

That makes me proud.

A friend of mine wrote¬†me a few months ago¬†from his internship in India. He said he showered and washed from a bucket. It’s amazing the amount of water wasted when we shower, and now that he can’t, he thinks about it all the time. This was the only way to wash when I resided with a family in the Amazon Rain Forest. And so, a few times a week, I try only washing from the bucket to remind myself of what I truly have.

And what they don’t.

It’s not so difficult.


4 responses to “Turn off the water

  1. Australia’s droughts taught us well – we came to watch water with everything we did! Less so now that it’s broken.

  2. We’ve got the “bucket washing” down! It’s the toilet flushing that’s been the challenge. So once per week, the kids and I get to soak in the same hot bath, one after the other, so we get to flush the toilet with grey water throughout the week, or soak something, or water plants, or clean the floor, or…

  3. i find myself pouring water from vegetable washing, ends of chores, ends of glass gone warm and disgusting–the plants still thrive on all these minute leftovers of a life of liquid luxury.
    consciousness becomes habit, returns to basic instinct and full circle to our very nature–enjoy each drop, too many substances and users are fast spoiling our aquifers.

  4. I appreciate the comments ladies. Wonderful reading!

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