Letting go of air freshners

I read once that you don’t really need air fresheners. If your house is clean, it will smell clean. I thought that was a snarky comment, if snarky is even a word. Well, I’m using it anyway because I like it.

We stopped using them when we got married, but one of my favorite memories is the smell of strawberries from his air freshener in his living room during Christmas in Alexandria while we dated.

I’m not much of a house cleaner, but the comment I usually receive when my husband arrives home is, “It smells good in here.” (in regards to dinner)

Behind on my writing throughout the pregnancy, I didn’t cook much, and this conversation followed:

“It stinks in here.”
“No, it doesn’t.”
“Well, it smells stuffy and old like a grandma’s house.”
“That’s because I don’t have anything on the stove.”
“You mean, this is what the house actually smells like?”
“Uh, I guess.”

Makes me laugh. Guess I’ll have to keep that crock pot a bubblin’. Well, or the house cleaner…..yeah, I’ll go for the crock pot.


6 responses to “Letting go of air freshners

  1. I know that you can make your own fabric refresher. I’ve made it once but I don’t exactly remember the ingredients. I think it was water, baking soda and some essential oils. It works great.

  2. great option, btw i’m not used to put some syntetic odor in my hause,
    just natural carbol and the kitchen aromas that compete each times…hehehe

  3. @Ewa–Can’t go wrong with essential oils, ever!
    @Dedy Oktavianus Pardede–Your comment made me smile. That’s right. Keep the food cooking in the kitchen, and all is good. πŸ™‚

  4. LOL Snarky is one of my favorite words πŸ™‚

    And I avoid most air fresheners because I’m allergic to a lot of fragrances- I die when people go cologne or air freshener crazy >_<' I love using lavender oil spray though- it's light and calming. I started using it bc someone suggested it was good for insomnia and I just keep using it bc it smells so good! πŸ™‚

  5. I mix baking soda with essential oils (sage or lemongrass) and put it in a spray bottle with some water. Voila! “room freshener”

    Also burn candles in the winter, keep my air filters changed, cut rosemary around the house smells *amazing*, lavender also, magnolia flowers, etc. Also plants like peace lilies and various dracaena help clean the air (literally).

  6. Thanks for the homemade air freshner ideas everyone! They are perfect!

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