Making your own flavored coffee

In an attempt to get away from those non-recycleable foil coffee bags or even the plastic containers of coffee…or the endless paper cups of coffee that will one day end up in the trash because I “forgot” my reusable mug again…I devised a better and CHEAPER plan!

 I started buying the coffee beans you grind right in the coffee aisle, bringing my own containers to fill. This way, I don’t have to have any brand loyalty and can discover a killer local brew. And in a little trick I learned from Michelle from our old Cook Me a Story blog, I sprinkle a few shakes of cinnamon and chai tea spice in with the grounds. Once it’s brewed, I add creamer, and no sugar is needed. Michelle was right. With the heavy whipping cream variety, it tastes better than Starbucks!

You can spice it up a bit by using any seasoning/spices from vanilla to orange peel. Be creative and come up with a crazy-good cup of coffee! Though the powdered variety of vanilla might work better than the liquid….but I’ve never tried the liquid. Have you?

How do you make your coffee? Any creative ideas?


2 responses to “Making your own flavored coffee

  1. Awesome! The flavoured coffee is always my preference at Gloria jeans (which is Australia’s Starbucks, though we have a few Starbucks too). Weirdly, I’ve never thought of emulating this with my own coffee making (daily at work). We don’t use a lot of drip feed coffee here- it’s all cappuccino style coffee machines, so I would have to adapt your (and Michelle’s suggestion) to work for me

  2. I love your style! Grinding fresh-roasted beans as you go is really the best way to drink coffee. Not only is the drink better, but your whole kitchen has that coffee shop smell. Mmmm.

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