What does your compost look like?

I never knew much about composting until I got married. Since then, I’ve discovered them everywhere. Do any of these look like yours?

8 responses to “What does your compost look like?

  1. I set up a compost bin with three pallets on three sides…still haven’t quite got the ratio of green/brown right. Any advice??

  2. I have a plastic bin that looks like Darth Vader’s head. I also have a longer term “leaf mold” bin that is two lattice panels zip tied together end to end and curved into a corral.

  3. @Aprons and Cammies– We do green, then brown, then green, then brown. And we count green as food scraps. You can’t get it wrong. If it sits there long enough and you give it a little stir now and then, it will compost!

    @katsmama–a Darth Vader’s head compost sounds AWESOME!!

  4. I do bokashi which is recycling lite! It fits under my sink and I add stuff to it to accelerate break down. I also drain liquid daily. When it’s full it sits for two weeks then I take it to my parents for then to bury.

  5. I have experience with everything that you have shown. I whittled my efforts down to two very large bins, side by side, and the worm vermicomposting. The last week I added the rotating, tumbling barrel made from a wine barrel. You can never have too much compost!

    • Bishop, well spoken! I saw your tumbling barrel, it is beautiful!! AND made from a wine barrel to boot. I’d like to try the worn vermicomposting next…..!

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