Oh, honey.

From all the things I’ve been reading about honey…

Local honey seems to be the way to go. There are more back-yard bee keepers out there than you’d think. Most certainly one in your town. They love what they do and they’d be more than happy to share it with you!

The Heritage Store in Norfolk kept local honey on tap. Bringing in your own container wasn’t looked down upon. In GA, the local honey man Dan at the farmer’s market wouldn’t have turned me away if I brought one to him.But he sold his in lovely glass jars I could reuse or recycle.

I cook more with honey now that I’ve discovered the ills of agave syrup, and I’ll reach for nature’s nectar any day before I reach for the processed stuff. Mainly because unprocessed tastes better.

I tried to grow my own Stevia plant three times now but it never takes. I haven’t given up yet…I’ll try again. And part of the fun of moving to a new place is finding local products. I’ll have to check at the farmer’s market for this one.
And my man? He hopes to take up beekeeping in the future. Oh, yeah! Tons o’ fun!!

Where do you get your honey, honey?

5 responses to “Oh, honey.

  1. We buy local honey. Also, it’s a great way to combat allergies because the honey gives you the pollen as a way to immunize the body. Great stuff.

  2. We have a local bee keeper that keeps hives on our property and keeps us supplied with honey. It’s win-win – we get our fruit trees pollinated and honey too boot.

    And honey is also great for medicinal uses – our pony caught himself on a fence last year and tore off a hunk of his flesh, exposing muscle. The vet told us to keep it clean and coat the wound ith raw honey. We did, it healed totally, even growing hair in that spot. There is only a small scar where there was once a gaping wound. It worked great. The honey has antibacterial and healing qualities. We use special honey treated wound dressings for wound care on people where I work, too.

  3. ills of agave syrup? perhaps you would inform your devoted readers about that, i no longer travel the web as i am deeply involved in writing projects.
    honey is indeed the way to go..in summer tea, i warm up a cup of water and thoroughly melt the honey before adding it to a large glass bottle in fridge..works for all herb teas or green or oolong..i use very little as the sweetness is enhanced this way.

  4. Are you trying to grow a stevia plant from seeds or do you have a plant?

  5. @ P.C. Zick—I didn’t know that! So good to know!
    @Heidi–I’ve tried coconut oil before, now I’ll have to try honey. Amazing the healing qualities!!
    @Nadine—I will have to do a post on the agave. I was disappointed to find out it might even be worse than raw sugar. But then, you read so much on line, sometimes i don’t know what to believe. Think I’ll just stick with honey!
    @Cindy–I was trying from seeds. Think I’ll give up and get a plant!

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