Don’t suffocate your produce in plastic

Use mesh bags instead! Either the kind you normally use for laundry delicates or produce mesh bags specifically tailored for produce. I love mine. Great gifts too for a gentle nudge.

(They’re fragile so I either put them in with my gentles on the gentle cycle or wash them by hand.)

Found these at the green store in Virginia. A little pricey there, but they’ve lasted through—what—-3 moves now?

Strong little things, aren’t they? They can hold quite a load.


3 responses to “Don’t suffocate your produce in plastic

  1. good way to upcycle unwanted sports mesh over-jerseys..who cares if the team name is wrong? the nylon mesh is durable and easy to sew for all purpose air bags. i like that idea to give veg bags as gifts..perfect one size fits all.

  2. Definitely an early inclusion in my arsenal. My local green grocer usually needs to open them to check what type of produce, but that’s ok! It’s so ‘weird’ to shop (or unpack) shopping of people who still use the single use plastic bags?!

  3. Ohhhh. I am liking the idea about the jerseys, Nadine!
    And Gooooo SarahN!

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