The Fox and the Hound

Look what I found downtown!


A tiny vintage/antique store that could be an art gallery. To me the lovely pieces looked like refurbished products of reusable art! I just love this type of thing. It’s so creative. Check it out!


Chalkboard created from a window frame.


The doorknobs can be used to hang decorations….or Christmas stockings over the fireplace.


Wine rack made from a wooden pallet.

Have you refurbished anything in your home into a different or usable product?


3 responses to “The Fox and the Hound

  1. My gosh, I am such a scavenger – for years I’ve embarrassed my kids by picking things up from the side of the road. I like refurbishing things and finding unusual uses for things. I made cute little cabinets using the old windows from my house and reused wood. Luckily, I get tired of things and find homes for them and start on something new or my house would be a clutter trap!. My favorite find: An old magnetic tool hanger that I use to hang my kitchen knives from…

  2. I love stores like this one too – I like the ideas that people come up with. Currently I’m fixing up an old book shelf to make a stable for the small kid’s toy horses.

  3. @ Frugal Hausfrau—I like the magnetic tool hanger for the kitchen knives. So creative!

    @ Heid–me too! I saw the toy horse stalls. So darn cute.

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