Chopping onions in the bathroom

Due to my obsession with the crock pot, we have been able to eat fairly well since we moved into the hotel. Note I said fairly. 🙂


A lot of bread. A lot of frozen microwave meals. A lot of Ramen noodles. And most certainly, nowhere near the zero waste I can pull off at home. But without a kitchen, I think we’ve done fantastic by not eating out but once a week. So far I have cooked in the crock pot:

BBQ Chicken with microwave mashed potatoes
Vegetable soup made with frozen veggies, an onion and a bottle of V8 juice
Meatloaf stuffed green peppers
Chicken A la Mike
Tuna Invention (three times)
Hard-boiled eggs (which I whipped into egg salad)
Pork ribs
Salmon, rice and veggies
A stuffed whole chicken
Corn on the cob

I’ll post these on my G.I. Crockpot blog so you can see which ones worked and which were a yucky disaster. Maybe you can find something you’d like to make!  Or just get a hoot out of my horrible failures—which we ate anyway!!

Any quick crock pot ideas you could give me that don’t require anything other than a knife and a chopping board? No spices here but salt and pepper!


5 responses to “Chopping onions in the bathroom

  1. That’s awesome you guys have been able to eat in so much! Eating out gets SO expensive.
    When I’m working a load of hours, have company or am just feeling lazy I go crazy for my crockpot too. One thing I always try to do is get the whole meal in there with plenty of veggies so I don’t have to worry about sides or anything too! Things we’ve done that have turned out really well:
    – Shredded bbq pork (just pork and bbq sauce for 6 hours, throw it on some Kings Hawaiian rolls with veggie tray on side)
    – Italian Chicken (chicken breasts, italian dressing seaoning packet, 2 cans diced italian tomatoes, bag of pre-cut/washed kale) – great way to get veggies in. Normally I’ll serve rice on the side of this from the rice cooker.
    – Stuffed peppers (see you have that locked down!)
    – Crockpot lasagna – – but we normally do spinach/mushrooms instead of meat
    – Sunday roast (roast, broth/water, carrots, celery, potatoes, onions – just let it all cook together for long while)

    Good luck sista!

    • @ Hailey—Thank you for the recipe ideas! You rock! Can’t wait to try out this crockpot lasagna with the spinach and mushrooms! Smart idea to throw the veggies in there too, less to cook!

      @Heidi–thank you so much for the encouragement. We are ALMOST out of here!!

  2. Sounds like you are doing a great job making do with what you have available. Hopefully it wont be for too much longer.

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