Recycling uptake

Great news!

Do you remember when I complained LOUDLY when we first arrived in our new southern town that they didn’t recycle any of this stuff?

The city is now taking both JUNK MAIL and CHIP BOARD (the same as paper board–cereal boxes, mac and cheese boxes, cracker boxes, beer boxes, etc.)

Miracles DO occur! Yay for the south! Just wanted to share.

One step at a time, as they say. 🙂 One step at a time…

6 responses to “Recycling uptake

  1. see jennifer YOU do make a difference

  2. It’s the little things, isn’t it? 🙂

  3. It’s because of you and people like you Jenn, with your relentless dedication to reducing waste and your blog – raising the consciousness of so many seemingly random people.

  4. Yay for recycling!! We moved to a new town and opted for recycling (can’t believe it isn’t part of regular trash pickup) but am really surprised that very few people around here recycle 😦

  5. Now you’re that much closer to making zero waste easy. Others must be thinking more like you too, to get this started.

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