What to do with the salt can?

I ended up recycling it, but the next time I run out of salt, any ideas of what I could do with this?


7 responses to “What to do with the salt can?

  1. I buy salt in bulk, and re-use the same can for over a year now!

  2. I always buy salt in a packet and transfer it to the big salt pot which I have had for years…did you try vinegar in your teapot?

  3. I just recycle the boxes and call myself done. At least they are recyclable (or however you spell that).

  4. hah if you or anyone you know has pets those would be great (once you take out the bottom) for small animals! Wipe out all the sale and it becomes a lovely chewable house for a rabbit, guinea pig, or chinchilla, or even ferrets! When I had small pets I used to recycle toilet paper rolls, egg cartons, and paper towel rolls as chew toys for them.

  5. You should be able to compost it.

  6. I use a covered glass container for the Kosher salt- it has a good lid (came as part of mixing bowl set (Keep it in the spice cabinet- and table salt is Fine sea salt it goes into the shakers with rice to avoid clumps. The Kosher Salt also goes in the Salt Mill Peper corns in the Pepper Mill- and everyone in the house is happy!! I’d think you could compost the old salt box or make yourself some crafty little round houses (for future toys- you would have lots when little one is ready to play with them without trying to eat them lol) or cut and use to hold ribbon on for sewing or keep up with your rubber bands. I use anything round for garden collars to keep plant starts safe just make sure they are wiped out good. I hear salt causes distress on tomato plants and makes them turn out to be healthier for you.

  7. Great suggestions everyone!!
    @ MissWhipLash–I was brought up doing that! ha!
    @Heidi–that is a word. Along with facebooking, texting and tweeting. It goes in the “new word dictionary” no doubt! LOVE it!
    @MomPhotographer—I just know we were sisters in a past life.

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