Aww…no more Weet-a-bix?

I was IN LOVE with this cereal. I thought, finally, a zero waste cereal! I don’t have to give up all cereal. The outside box made of cardboard could be recycled, the inside liner could be composted and the actual whole grain biscuits were like Frosted mini-wheats without all the sugar gunk. It was perfect.

I was wrong.

Turns out, that inside bag didn’t decompose, darn it all. No such luck. I found it among all my other treasures in the compost that didn’t make it by the time everything else turned to dirt. I wrote about some of those items  in The things that didn’t decompose. We’ve gone pretty much cereal free except for some lapses during the pregnancy when I just couldn’t cook. But I’ve been using those bags to keep my veggies in. I tell myself at least I’m reusing.

I mean, just look at that. My tummy is officially sad. Come on, cereal products! Stand up and make us something waste-less we can eat in happiness. You will be missed Weet-a-bix.

Would you be willing to give up a food due to its unruly packaging? Have you found a product that switched from unsustainable to sustainable that you love?

P.S. Pre-pregnancy I spit out posts left and write. (Get it?) But then I never posted them. Since I have so little time to write now, I thought—why let them sit in the queue? WordPress offers a lovely option of scheduling future posts. I’ll post in real-time about my present life and “my precious” when little Precious allows….(right now she’s discovered her hands and that thumb. Yes, I have a thumb sucker!) Until then I’ll be pushing out a few things that were on my mind pre-pregnancy. If you get a chance to comment, you bet I’ll be reading in the wee nursing hours but I might not have the hands to respond. Ever. 😀
I’ll be visiting your blogs instead just as soon as I can. And if you don’t have a blog? Well, I might just have to break down and call you—when the little thing isn’t screaming in my ear because (LORD FORBID) I’ve decided to burp her!

Aww. I'd cry too if I had no choice over my outfits. Look at those little elf ears. So cute!

Aww. I’d cry too if I had no choice over my outfits. Look at those little elf ears. So cute!


11 responses to “Aww…no more Weet-a-bix?

  1. I wonder if the bulk food stores sell something like Wheatabix? I know they sell different cereals at ours, but haven’t looked for that kind in particular. I’m not much of a cereal person, but I like granola – which we make ourselves, so no waste there, when you buy the ingredients in bulk.

    Is she not a big fan of burping? Hopefully life is starting to get easier for you. This is why the first few months after the birth fade a little from our memories. Even though you think you will never forget a moment of it..

  2. Weetabix with butter…yummy, but no good for weight or diet….have you written to the makers and complained about the inside packaging..they could go back to the previous stuff they used

  3. Jennifer, you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself.
    You have no idea how much trash I take out almost every single day. It scares me, and believe me or not, I always think about you when I’m ding it – now is this romantic or what? 😉
    Anyway, hubby and No1 are the only people who eats in thi houshold, and still we go through so many plastic boxes and not-reusable things each day it’s just unbelievable.
    So, one little liner now and then shouldn’t be a reason to stop eating the cereal.
    I know, I know… you might think: “one now, a few different things later and in no time you’ll be the regular house-full-of-waste family”, but I belive that because of the hard work that you’ve gone through to get to the zero-waste lifestyle you would never let that to heppen.
    So just siply enjoy your cereal, so you have the strenght to deal with your wee and yourtiredself!!!

  4. To answer your question, when I was ms stalwart, evangelical zero waste I would give up favourite food if the packaging was wrong, but after four years of that I got a bit fed up of my sacrifices and if I’m honest, was peed off that the big boys, who really COULD make a difference didn’t seem to give a monkeys. Now my lifestyle has changed, I’m having to work and so things have changed. I’m back to buying favourite / convenience foods from time to time and having to not be tough on myself when I create landfill waste otherwise I just wouldnt be able to cope or reconcile my conscience.but rest assured if the manufacturers make better choices I will be recycling their packaging – it’s not that I’m not willing, it’s that I’m not able due to their choices of materials used. Grrrrrr. Writing this comment has made me realise just how much this gets to me too. Hmmmmm.

  5. Milks and those dreaded aseptic containers that can only go to the curb. Oats is our go-to cereal, comes in cardboard only, no cello inner-packaging.

    The real trick to “breakfast” is eating real food and breaking from the habitual packaged items (non-seasonal goods?). After all, fruits and veggies come in their own delightful, easy-to-carry, wasteless packaging (added fiber to boot), are loaded with energy, protein, vitamins, and minerals — no supplement needed. Great way to start the day; and clean-up is minimal.

    Glad to see you easing back in! I love those future posts. I rarely publish immediately anymore.

    PS — when you eat greens for breakfast, you begin to CRAVE greens for breakfast. Not so good when you’re traveling, however!

  6. I’ve left the packaging at the store. But here’s an idea – send the non-decomposing bag to Weetabix. Make Weetabix aware. Be direct with them. Send the bag and a print out of this blog post. See what happens. Happy baby. Where dud you get those pants she’s wearing? Poor thing. :/

  7. …they class with the sofa. Or is she the jungle and the sofa the animals? :/

  8. clash even, clash
    a bit like dud for did

  9. Little one is beautiful. Your blog always brings a smile to my face. I have received inspiration from you and will start my blog soon. Name: (Yackie blabs all after years of self help books and order my book if you want to know what stops cellulite!!) Plan to start posting this week! Wish me luck

  10. I LOVE these comments! They are the best yet! I feel so much better about life when I read them. And such good suggestions as always!!

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