The new addition

Wow! I haven’t had a chance to post since my water broke. It’s been over a month. Wanted to show you who’s been keeping me so busy….


So, I’ll have lots to post about with cloth diapers and glass bottles and homemade wipes very soon, but for now, I’m just thankful when she’s doing this. She’s swaddled in love with the lovely, red receiving blanket made by Heidi from LightlyCrunchy and the pink blanket and pillows by thoughtful Miss Janey.



When she’s not making out with piglet…


Or getting caught making out…


Or telling me to “wait a minute” with her finger…


Or singing the song, “Call me, maybe”….IMG_5646

She’s throwing up gang signs. 🙂
There’s a whole lot of this going on.

And even more of this…IMG_5533IMG_5544

And a little of this:


Of course, she’s as in love with her daddy as I am.


Labor was nothing compared to the nursing. Getting 1/2 hour or maybe one hour of sleep before waking to nurse for an hour or pump for an hour has really been something. I’m tripping over things, dropping stuff, seeing things that aren’t there. I saw a lamb in my front yard which turned out to actually be the white mailbox and tried to pay for my petrol at the pump with my I.D. card. If the little thing would gain weight, this schedule could be chucked. So, until we get it together in this household, blog posts may be far and few between for a bit.

I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday with your families and friends wherever you are!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

(Here she’s showing off her winter hat crocheted by Ewa, Mom Photographer in a Christmas onesie created by my friend Christin from high school.)
A special thanks to all of you who sent my little pumpkin things in the mail, and all of the kind messages on Facebook and the phone calls. I will get back with everyone just as soon as I can! Off to pump…


32 responses to “The new addition

  1. Oh, she’s gorgeous!!! And you’re captions cracked me up!

  2. I woke up this morning thinking about you and wondering if you had given birth yet. Ain’t she somethin! Love the hair! I know about the lack of sleep–I remember thinking I was going insane. A stay at the looney ward would have been a vacation.

  3. Oh, and congrats and have a wonderful Christmas with your new little gift.

  4. Thank you for posting the pics. She is so cute. Her wrinkles make her look like a little old lady!! I can’t wait to see her. Merry Christmas and love you!

  5. So darling. And I imagine the cuddly blanket has been repurposed from scrap yarn? Happy Holidays.

  6. Sooo cute!! She is cute as a button! Get some sleep and I’ll be thinking of you at 2am if you think of me.. I am sure we will both be pumping :o)..

  7. Beautiful Gift! You know Pap isn’t playing favorites! Hope the three of you have a very Merry Christmas

  8. Beautiful! She looks like her father!

  9. Of course that’s not saying you’re not beautiful…

  10. What a beautiful little doll! She has so much hair, too! Enjoy your early present and the holidays. Before you know it, the chaos of the early days will be behind you and you work into a routine of sorts. I was covered in bruises for the first few months – I kept walking into furniture because I was too tired to focus.

    You two make a beautiful baby.

  11. Jennifer, I am so, so glad you got is so fast, just in time for Christmas! Great! I am very happy! She looks beautiful. I knew it is going to be a little too big, but kids grow so fast… you’ll see! Pretty soon it will be too small. I make bigger one, then 😉
    Warm hugs to all of you, and Happy Christmas!!!

  12. She’s adorable! Congratulations!
    Have a great, happy holiday!

  13. Lol, gang signs! So precious! Merry Christmas!

  14. Love your captions! Yes I remember. The first days are the hardest. Your milk catches up and all is well until (buh buh buh buuuuuummmmm) the dreaded 3-mo growth spurt. You and that pump will be best buds by then. LOL

    She’s a beauty just like her mom. Can’t wait for more. Cheers!

  15. Fantastic news congratulations!

  16. some like daddy, some like momma, she has it all under one delicate little face; a very expressive child, already looks savant like both of you. be sure to keep a clear path to the bathroom, i wouldn’ t want you to trip and fall between feeding and sleep.

  17. Congrats to your family! She’s absolutely adorable! Happy Holidays and hope you get some rest! Take care and wish you the best in the new year!

  18. Oh Jennifer, she is beautiful!! Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you guys. Soon you will wonder what you ever did without her. Now you know what I was missing so much when we were in basic. I know you are going to make a great Mother. I hope you had a lovely Christmas and you have many more blessings in the coming year. It’s gonna be your best one yet!! Love you so much.

  19. She is beautiful Jennifer! Congrats to you both. Little girls are simply magic!

  20. I love it! I may have missed her name somewhere? I look forward to your posts when you can, but a person’s gotta have priorities, right? So, that means I look forward to posts about your new little one 🙂 Congrats!

  21. Congratulations to you and your husband. Sorry I didn’t respond earlier, but I’m once again buried in emails and am just now trying to clear my way through them. What a delightful, beautiful baby. (Maybe I missed it, or it might be in an earlier email which I haven’t yet read – but what did you name her?) XOXOXO

  22. Wonderful! Congrats! All the best to you for the coming year.
    Bridget x

  23. Wow! Congratulations! And the photos are wonderful with your funny captions. She has already stolen my heart, and I can imagine you and her daddy are completely head over heels! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  24. I can see what piglet sees in her… a real cutie. Congratulations!

  25. I’ve looked at these pictures about a dozen times now…I laugh everytime….your captions are so cute…..those little eyes are TOO cute. looks like she has a mind of her own with those expressions.

  26. She is beautiful! What is her name?
    Enjoy this time as she’ll be talking back to you in a few months, LOL

  27. Awww. Thanks everyone! You guys are all so great. Today was the first time I was able to get back in the kitchen and really cook and feel a little normal. I took her in there with me and she slept while I cooked. It was nice. Your comments have been so encouraging as I walk about in my sleep-deprived zombie state. I see the comments in the wee hours of the morning while pumping/nursing and I smile. More to come!! And I will be by to visit your sites just as soon as I can. I can’t thank you enough for sharing in my moments and coming by to see Miss Precious. She had her first laugh this week. In her sleep. 🙂

  28. She’s so beautiful Jenn! Congratulations!

  29. Jennifier,
    You have so been on my mind. I wondered how I could have missed your daughter’s arrival, but when I saw the date, Dec. 24th, right?…well my husband had emergency surgery at 5:04 pm Christmas Eve, for a perforated bowel and was in ICU for six days. He is doing well. The joy and happiness the pictures, post and comments you shared are making me cry. Happy Baby! Claudia

  30. Mazel tov! Thanks for reading and commenting. Love our servicepeople! All of my male family (and some female) have served Army or Marines. That was a while back, so now the 2nd cousins are going in.

  31. What a doll! Congratulations, Jennifer, to you and your husband on your lovely Christmas gift. I well remember the “zombie” stage. Just five days after my daughter Lindsey was born, I looked at her and called her Lulu, Lisa, Landon…what is your name? Anyway, your pics are great, as are the captions. All the best. I’ll be waiting for your posts.

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