Halloween craft from Peggy

This post was meant to go out yesterday since yesterday was officially Halloween. Ah, but so is life.

My friend Peggy is a craft magician.

She made this for me last Halloween out of a calendar in order to “reuse” it.

If you’d like to try it yourself, these are the directions. You can fill it with anything for any holiday. It would make a great birthday gift. She couldn’t find the link off the internet she used, so she wrote it out for us.

Candy Paper & Plastic Box
A sheet of cardstock
A sheet of Overhead Transparency
Red double-sided tape
Ribbon, sharpy
You can use the back of a butter knife to make the score marks if you don’t have a score board.
Cut CS to make two 3” squares and score all four sides at ½”. Cut to score line to fold the ends in to make a box and adhere with the red double-sided tape. Add tape to the inside of the box to adhere the plastic sleeve. To insert the plastic sleeve, hold it together, then release it when it is at the bottom of the box. Red tape is very strong and grabs quickly.
Cut a 8 1/2” x 3 ½” piece. On the long end, score at ½”, then continue scoring at 2” across the 8 ½” side. Burnish the score marks to fold into a box. Adhere with the red double-sided tape.
Punch  two holes in the  paper top, place the paper top on top of the plastic, then, mark the punched holes on the plastic with a Sharpy, then punch holes in the plastic and run the ribbon through the holes.
Lift the lid to add candy.

She made me this card when I found out I was expecting. Sweetest thing.

At first I thought the woman just had a large bottom. Then I realized that was her stomach. I think I might have still been in denial that my tummy would ever look like that…..ah, but it did, eventually.

The inside of the card.

Me–two weeks ago inspired by Mom Photographer, trying to take more self-photos.

Peggy claims she’s old school. She grew up not wasting and she simply likes to craft. She’s always sharing with me her latest creation. These are a few of her homemade cards she’s given me.

For Thanksgiving.

She cuts everything out by hand.

I told her she should think about selling them at the next festival in town but she laughed and said, “It takes me four hours to make one card. I’d have to sell it for some ridiculous price no one would pay. I’d rather give them as gifts.” Anyone who spent four hours making a card for me? Well, that is just priceless.

Thanks, Peggy. Happy (one-day-late) Halloween everyone!

Peggy and Jennifer on the scariest day of the year. I went as a scary pregnant woman. 🙂

What have you made for Halloween? A costume? A cake? A craft? A spooky front yard?

19 responses to “Halloween craft from Peggy

  1. Your friend makes great cards.

    And you are looking beautiful! Pregnant women look so vibrant. Enjoy your last week or two of pregnancy. I hope you are getting lots of rest, if you can.

  2. OMG, Jennifer!!! I can’t believe I missed the great news? I have been so busy and out the loop for the past few months; just getting back on track now. Spent lots of time with my granddaughters during the summer months, but was also busy trying to find a new job (unemployed still), so I did not blog as much. I am back and am so happy to hear these great news, I am biased (3 granddaughters) but girls rock! Congratulations!

    • Marcia! I have missed you woman! I have been over to your blog a few times but it looked like you hadn’t posted in a little while. I thought, she must be very busy! Any luck on the job front? I am gunning for you here!! Glad to hear you enjoyed the grandgirls. 🙂
      Yes, I’m going to add one more to the mix! Thank you for the well wishes!!

      • I missed you too! Still looking for work, I am now concentrating on finding something to do working from home and the search has left me with little energy for the blog.
        I am so exited to learn of the new addition to your family, keep me posted. Hopefully, I will get back in line with writing soon, I miss all my blogosphere family!

  3. Well, there you are! Is it a girl? I agree with Marcia, girls do rock! My grand daughter is awesome. (boys are fun too–I’m just partial). I’ve always enjoyed making crafts and things. As a kid, I glued small wall tile samples on a large paper bag and cut a hole in the top, holes in the sides and wore the bag as a Halloween costume. I have no idea what it was–just creative, I guess. (hey, is that like a chocolate donut in your hand in the photo??)

    • Yes, Joy, it’s a girl! And she’s healthy and kicking up a storm and responds to her daddy’s voice every time he talks to her.
      I LOVED the Halloween costume. How fun and creative, even as a kid!
      And no, that isn’t a chocolate doughnut! (That sounds SO good right about now!!) It was a small pyrex bowl of bbq beef I made in the crock pot. LOL!

  4. I am decidedly un-crafty. I’d rather put my hands in the soil and work my magic there! (But I can shred paper for the compost like the dickens.)

    That baby-bump shadow is just the cutest; clever girl with your “self-portrait!” You’re looking great, Jennifer. I’m so glad to see that you are enjoying your pregnancy to the fullest. It’s supposed to be fun! Revel in it now. Soon it’ll be all about that cutie pie, and you’ll slip into the shadows to become the slovenly-dressed, cranky, weepy, sleep-deprived milk factory. (But other moms will give you a “pass” because we’ve all been there too. LOL)

    • I think growing a garden is pretty darn crafty. You’re making something from scratch!
      Well, now I am looking forward to the slovenly-dressed, cranky, weepy, sleep-deprived milk factory to come. I hope he’s ready!
      P.S. Thanks for the pass and I owe you an email!

      • Haha! Yes, it would be nice to “have” one of those, but alas, girl. YOU’RE IT. I look forward to continuing the discussion. Counting day to D-day…

  5. these cards are wonderful!!! very creative! and I agree with Peggy that it just doesn’t make sense to sell them as the energy and passion put into one card would have to make it at least $20 per card, it’s cheapest to buy “made in China” 😉
    I made one b-day card in my life and it took me 2 days… imagine if I had to put a price on it… 😉

    And you do not look scary… wait till the labor starts… you will be scary and scared… you’ll be more on the witch side with a “b” in place of a “w” or both 😉
    ok, stop with the winking faces… I am serious!
    warm hugs to both of you!

    • Ewa, I love the winks. Let me see if I can do one. 😉
      So, I’ll be a real witch during labor, eh? I should have had this kid on Halloween.
      Thanks. I don’t feel very good about myself right now but I remember you calling yourself a whale during your last month and I thought you looked fabulous. So, I’m trying to remember to take myself out of the picture.
      Two days on a b-day card. Now THAT is fabulous. How sweet are you!

  6. Ha, Joy! I’m not so sure about the camouflage….they sell little pink camouflage onesies at the Exchange but are just too darn ugly. I couldn’t take it.

  7. Scary pregnant woman costume is convincing – well, not the scary part, but still.

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