Hair cuts = compost

My husband cuts his own hair and it always goes in the compost. So, I decided to muster up the courage to ask the hairdresser if I could keep mine as well, to a surprising response…

Rather than give me a weird look or ask if I might be off my rocker, she laughed and said she’d be delighted.

The only downside? We had nothing to put it in, but a plastic bag! Next time, I’ll have to bring my own container…

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15 responses to “Hair cuts = compost

  1. My hair fall out so bad!!! I always gather them in a ball while showering; don’t want to plug the drainage, there is so many of them! and every time Jay sees me putting them to a trash he reminds me that they can go to our compost… He always watches me what kind of things I put in a trash instead to our worm bin… He’s crazy about his worms! 😉

  2. HA! you are officially hardcore! Love this story. My hairdresser took my DD’s hair and put it straight in her wormery; she wasn’t going to let me run off with it!

  3. well I’ll be jiggered! I have nevre heard of anybody putting hair in the compost…I bet the little worms love it

  4. I cut everyone’s hair in my home; I’m the only one that hires a hairdresser. I’ll have to remember to bring a container with me to collect some extra for my bin/garden!

    Here’s another tip. If you have a slug or snail problem, human hair is a great natural defense for your plants. Lay cut hair generously around the base of the plant (where the snail would enter) and they will not cross over it. Hair, diatoms, anything that sticks to their slimy foot will do it. Just make sure your plants can’t be entered from another direction (say, from a neighboring plant touching leaves). Hair really does work!

  5. Ha! That’s awesome and I love that she didn’t make you feel bad!

  6. I cut my husband’s hair—he doesn’t have very much. Anyway, human hair in a veggie garden will also keep deer away.

  7. I do this with our hair, and that of our pooch, who happens to be of the high maintenance hair grooming variety.

  8. Great post! It’s your hair they shouldn’t mind. I know I wouldn’t.

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  10. Great post! I lose so much hair in the shower I should do the same thing.

  11. My son does his own hair, too (I usually trim up the neck area for him) but I never thought about composting hair – or that hair would help to keep deer and slugs away! Maybe it will help keep some of the deer out of my hostas and our wild bunnies away from my garden! Might need more hair, though!

  12. Good for you! That’s a great idea! They don’t accept hair in our municipal compost program but it’s a great idea if it’s possible! I’m going to share this idea on my twitter.

  13. Thanks for the comments, ladies. Since I wrote this, I discovered that since my hair was chemically treated (before the pregnancy anyway), it’s not a good idea to put it in the compost. So, we’ll be using mine to deter the deer in the garden and my honey’s lovely, natural buzz will continue to go in. Ah, but we live and learn, don’t we?
    Enjoying all of your blogs!!

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  15. OMG I have never heard of that. Now I feel bad ’cause everytime the drain is plugged (not anymore since I have short hair now!) I poured chemicals down it.. :/

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