Adding paper to the compost

We branched out from composting food scraps and organic matter. We started adding paper to the compost  about a year ago. My hubby thought if we shredded the heck out of it, it might compost faster. He was right!

Cross-cut shredded paper, almost pulp.

The red is from the Netflix envelopes, which we have since stopped putting in because of the ink.

Breaking it down.

Three weeks later = paper gone!

Especially now that we’ve moved to a city that refuses to recycle PAPER, can you believe it, we have little other choice but to compost it if we want to be zero waste!

13 responses to “Adding paper to the compost

  1. Jay shreds all his office papers and all the bullcrap they send us each and every dayI ugh I hate it!!! but at least we’ve got something to feed those worm with! 😉

  2. Love it! I’ll bet putting a little “color” in your compost pile occasionally won’t hurt anything, any more than bleached vs. unbleached (newsprint) paper might. I would stay away from gift wrap though. Kudos to you in your zero waste efforts! I hope the pregnancy is going well.

  3. Just a thought crossed my mind…when this lovely daughter arrives will you used traditional terry nappies or disposable….Pampers and such like take 50 years to rot away and I don;t think that you could shred them(yuck)

  4. I’ve never thought about how lucky we are to have such a good recycling program here. All paper, cardboard and magazines are recycled here. The urban centres even have green bins for collection of compostible waste.

    Hope you are doing well.

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  6. I have been using shredded paper in the compost for a while now as I have bags of it and I’m not sure what else I could do! We have compulsory local recycling here in Australia in all cities and towns (except for perhaps a few remote places) which (among other recyclables) includes all paper waste but they don’t really like shredded paper in the recycling bin as it can fly away when they collect it in the trucks.
    As with Heidi above, we also have green waste collection too (but does not include food waste) however they are trialling a new program here in my town soon for including food waste in the green waste bin so that our city can have its own compost freely available to its citizens! Neat idea I think.

  7. Thanks for including the progression pictures, I love stuff like that!

  8. I was delighted to hear Jo’s comment that in Australia recycling is mandatory. When will America catch on?

    I am amazed, Jenn that they don’t recycle paper where you live. That was one of the only things that was recyclable when we first started the program. I guess it just depends on how sweet the “sweetheart deals” are that the scavengers can negotiate with the local political authorities.

  9. @juwannadoright—you are so right. I had no idea until I got involved with a local non-profit recycling program here locally how political everything is. It’s beyond frustrating and heart-breaking. It makes me want to move to AK and live in the middle of the woods. Sometimes, I just want to give up! But I won’t, damn it. I WILL NOT GIVE UP.

    @Katie–thank you for reminding me to add pictures. Sometimes, I get so caught up in my own voice, I forget pictures are the best part!

    @Jo—was so happy to hear it’s mandatory there. You give me great hope that one day, we may just catch on.

    @Heidi—every time you post something, I want to move into your neighborhood. And be your neighbor!! 🙂

    @Misswhiplash—yes, it is cloth diapers all the way. My mom did it, I don’t know why I can’t. People have told me horror stories to get me to “come to my senses.” That only makes me want to do it more.

    @ Shannon—you eased my mind a bit with the color comment. I started gettting a bit worried about that.

    @Momphotographer–I love that you have the worms in your compost! I found something about stopping junk mail. I’ll have to put that post out soon, and implement it myself. I haven’t done that yet!

  10. Who on earth refuses to recycle paper? I’m getting a lot of good ideas from you. We are getting ready to move to a place where I may be able to have a garden. I’m all over composting vegetable scraps, eggshells, and that kind of thing, but paper hadn’t crossed my mind. Is paper chemically treated, though? I would want to be cautious of what I’m using in my vegetable garden.

  11. Fresh kitchen—very true. I’ve heard that especially when it comes to the ink on the paper. We put most everything in there and had a great garden but I’ve been less careful since our garden is done and we’re just using the rest of it for flowers and around the fruit trees and to fill in the holes in the yard where the trees blew down.

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