Oatmeal meatloaf made with grass-fed beef

We’ve started buying 100% grass-fed beef.

Thought I’d try out that new grass-fed beef with the meatloaf recipe and see how it did.

If we’re going to eat meat, we want to do it the way nature intended. And cows were meant to eat grass (forages). It’s much more expensive than regular beef, but we consider it an investment in our health. It isn’t full of hormones, antibiotics and isn’t fed any animal by-products. (After reading Fast Food Nation, I don’t think I can ever go back. I’d rather give up meat all together.) We’ve even been out to the local, family owned farm to see for ourselves, which I documented in the Farm Tour post. If we’re going to continue eating meat, we have to make some changes.

What you’ll need to make the meatloaf:
1 cup rolled oats
1/2 cup milk
2 eggs
1 medium chopped onion
1 cup chopped fire-roasted red bell pepper
1/2 cup ketchup
2 tablespoons dried parsley
2 tablespoons Italian seasoning
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon granulated garlic
1 pound grass-fed ground beef

How to cook it:
1. Combine milk and oats, and let sit.
2. Chop onion.
3. Beat eggs.
4. Add eggs to onion, pepper, ketchup, and seasonings. Mix.
5. Add oats and ground beef. Blend with clean hands.
6. Create one large loaf or two smaller ones.
7. Arrange peppers  on top by pressing them into meat.
8. Bake for 15 minutes. Rotate pan.
9. Bake another 20 to 25 minutes. When loaf is firm to the touch and reaches 160 degrees with a meat thermometer, it’s ready to go.
10. Allow loaves to rest 10 to 15 minutes.

End Result:

The only other meatloaf I’ve ever made was in the crock pot–the one I made with buffalo that was moist and delicious. This one was a tad dry. For one, it was cooked in the oven. And for two, it doesn’t have the fat of the grocery store beef we’re used to. But the taste was great! Next time, I’ll try this in the crock pot.
Flavorful and filling, but the crock pot holds in the meat’s  juices and makes meat moist. That’s one of the reasons why I started G.I. Crockpot in the first place.

So, grass-fed beef is flavorful, and didn’t taste any different from regular beef. Except I know what it eats, where it came from, and who grows it. Thumbs up. It’s a start.

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9 responses to “Oatmeal meatloaf made with grass-fed beef

  1. omg! Jenn, it sounds fantastic!

  2. Great first step! It was the ribeyes I missed the most – grass fed is absolutely the best in health benefit AND taste, if you’re going to eat beef. It better reflects the true “costs” of eating meat as well. After a year without, I no longer miss the taste of it.

    Oats in a meat loaf is an awesome filler. And you topped it with green peppers…my favorite!

  3. Looks like you cleaned the plate! Meatloaf is always a hit around here. I just never seem to get around to making it very often.

  4. Sounds great! I grew up on a farm so I can appreciate grass fed beef. Cheers and happy cooking!

  5. Your dinner table looks so pretty, Jennifer! BTW, how’d you do the zuchini strips?

  6. you are right, photography enhance the salivary reaction, my keyboard is looking at me funny, i’m practically drooling over the prospect of my own natural copy of these meals..venison ok? well,that’s about all we eat here because of the conservation department’ s generous donations of deer meat, YEAH!
    29000 plus of the magnificent beasts gave up their lives to us last year, we must return the favor..and celebrate with oatmeal, mine is Amish steel cut no less…luxury amid the plains, plentiful, bountiful plains..love from the rainy day in the dessicated gardens…a lovely digestion to you little mama.

  7. I just discovered grass fed beef and my family is enjoying being served more beef. This looks like a great recipe. I think I’ll make it really big and have some leftovers for great sandwiches.

  8. Sounds like a great recipe. I’m glad you used grass fed beef. I love the idea that it is so much healthier than grain fed. You should check out the La Cense Beef Catalog. They have really good deals. I just placed an order online from them.

  9. Thanks for the encouragement everyone!
    @Nadine….that venison sounds tempting. I had it once or twice in high school. My friend’s dad used to hunt it. I wish they lived closer now, now that I’m actually cooking!
    @ Joy—I think I made those on the George Foreman grill, or I might have just fried them with a bit of olive oil in a skillet for a few minutes. I really liked your comment about growing up on my “turning out the lights” post. Made me smile!

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