Giving up the stars!

In my cookbooks, I use a three star system.

1= I won’t bother making it again.
2= It was all right. Might make again.
3= equivalent to a 5 star. Delicious and will have again.

But who says I have to use stickers?

And so, as colorful and pretty as they might be, I shan’t use them anymore.  I’m giving them up.

From now on, I’ll draw them in.

Less waste. Because what can I do with the left overs? And the plastic can’t be recycled.


8 responses to “Giving up the stars!

  1. I suck so bad in using my cookbooks. I have just a few and I almost never use them. Most of the time I use internet to find a new recipe. and it it’s worth keeping I simply write a post about it. I want to use more often my books as I see many good recipes in them…
    Love your idea of not using the sticker anymore!!!

  2. I rate all my recipes, too! And I used to use stickers in my cookbooks, but then I started drawing a frowny face for something we didn’t like, a neutral face if it was just ok, and a smiley if it made us happy! Give the stickers to a preschool or grade school teacher, and better yet, tell them why, and maybe they’ll rethink using them when they run out.

    I got really inspired by the Bitten Word blog to pull out new recipes on a regular basis from my cookbooks and magazines and try something new every week:

    Funny, I was thinking about you today when I took my garbage/recycle out – I’ve been making such a good effort at reducing waste that I only run it out to the street every two weeks or so and even then it isn’t full. (Course, I still have to pay the same!) Not zero waste, but progress.

    It’s amazing how much cooking from scratch reduces waste, too – this week only one can, from tomatoes. If only I could get by without ziplocs.

  3. I write all over my recipes – if they are keepers, suggestions for next time, and substitutions that worked. Some have notes like dads favourite and “even Molly will est this!”

  4. Eat. Tried to type eat this. 🙂

  5. I think my cookbook would be all one stars..I hate cooking! and I am no good at it

  6. @ Mom Photographer–I’m finding more and more online recipes to use so I know where you’re coming from. But there are so many good ones in the books! I figure I already bought them, I should use them, right? I realized the other day I’d almost used an entire cookbook since I got married. I was disappointed there weren’t any more recipes in it to try! (I think most people are going on line though.)

    @ Frugal Hausfrau–I am SO PROUD of you woman! Since we weren’t using the trash, I felt like I shouldn’t have to pay for it so I wrote the city and asked them if I could cancel it. They wrote back that “by law” every household had to have a garbage can. If we were going to stay there, I’d fight it, take it to city hall. But since we’ll be leaving soon, I won’t bother. So I hear you! I LOVE the idea of a new recipe every week. We did that until I got pregnant and the kitchen was avoided. Hopefully, once the baby is born I’ll get back on the wagon…

    @Heidi—your recipes are the true gems. The ones the girls will ask for copies of as young adults or fight over once you’re gone. They’ll be the ones made into a book or blogged about by your grandkids. They are by far my favorite kind.

    @MissWhipLash—you sound just like my mother. She says hers never turn out. I could just reach through there and hug you!

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