Homemade grill from a propane tank!

My husband’s co-workers created this grill in a matter of weeks after work and on their lunch breaks from a PROPANE TANK determined to get it accomplished in time for the picnic last fall.

And they did…

It was quite the  hit and grilled up great burgers and dogs! Great job, guys!Thanks for your creativity and hard work—you know who you are. Amazing the things you create.


12 responses to “Homemade grill from a propane tank!

  1. Gorgeous!! A talented guy.

  2. That is so cool! I love it when we can repurpose something and save money. My brother made a fire pit out of a tractor-trailer tire rim, works great. My husband is always good at “making do”. He brought home from work (it was being thrown out) a huge “box” made out of wooden pallets and we’re putting our wood kindling in it ready for the winter wood stove. I’ve always like the saying, “Necessity is the mother of invention”.

  3. My husband made a BBQ out of a barrel a few years ago. Now he’s on the search for an empty propane tank to make a big smoker. It’s a curiosity and a look what I can do kinda thing for him. That and a bit of keeping busy. Good job on the cooker!

  4. I love projects like this! What a great idea. And it came out beautiful too.

  5. Those guys did a Great job on that grill….I’m impressed

  6. now can they make a cradle in time for the family addition? ok, a less industrial model than this wonder-cooker–but sturdy and light..oh yes, a folding model made out of chest of drawers? one open drawer on top to keep baby from falling and one open shelf, for diapers under it..
    don’t stand in one place too long or i’ll find yet another idea to re-purpose you too, sorry, your blog inspires me so..

  7. oh that looks like a LOT of fun! Beautifully put together too 🙂

  8. Thanks for the encouragement ladies! 🙂
    Loving Heidi’s smoker idea and Joy’s wood kindling storage unit from the wooden pallets.

  9. I can think of a few reasons why I’d rather cook on this than a traditional grill.This is so neat!

  10. That is so freakin’ cool! If they have some extra time and an entrepreneurial bone in their body, they could do it again and sell ’em!

  11. Looking for someone to make a grill.

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