What’s for breakfast?

If we’re refusing packaged cereal, and bulk cereal is too expensive, what else can we eat for breakfast?

Made from scratch, obviously. They don’t look too “perfect” now do they?! ha! I always put in too many blueberries and they explode and make a mess. I love it. My husband, not so keen.

Breakfast of homemade blueberry muffins and coffee with milk.

Honey almond granola with fresh blueberries in milk.

Greek yogurt, granola and strawberries.

1. I’m making a lot more muffins from scratch. Am contracting muffin burn-out.
2. I’m making my own muesli and granola.
4. The  polenta has been sitting on the counter for 3 weeks in order to remind myself to make it.
5. We’re eating more fruit.
6. We’re eating more eggs.
7. Packaging from  instant grits are recyclable or thrown in the compost.
8. I’m combing cook books for creative breakfast ideas.
Please share with me, I know you have some ideas out there!
What do you eat for breakfast that doesn’t involve a bunch of plastic packaging?

The blueberries exploded inside the muffin! Awesomeness.

Recipe for muffins:
I got mine from the Eating Clean Recipes blog under the Whole Wheat Banana Nut Muffins.
It says it makes 12 muffins, but I cut the recipe in half and did half banana nut and half blueberry. I couldn’t figure out how to cut the egg in half though, so each one got an egg. I doubled the fruit, which didn’t only make  it extra moist, but made 24 muffins instead of 12! They didn’t last long. Happy baking!
Other muffin recipes:

21 responses to “What’s for breakfast?

  1. I like raw oatmeal with fruit and nuts. So yum!

  2. The easiest thing I make for breakfast is hot Quaker Oats. Here’s the cool thing, maybe I’ve mentioned it before… when I was a kid, my mother took an empty container of Quaker Oats (the round tall paper container) and laid it on it’s side and cut an opening… presto–a little (rocking) cradle for my baby doll. She made a little pillow for it’s bed, and I covered dolly up (probably with a washcloth!). Sweet dreams for dolly and sweet memories for me.

    Fresh fruit along with the oats is simple too. I love blueberry muffins.

  3. Wow. Those look incredible. I agree the more blueberries the better. Lots of fiber and health antoxidants.

  4. Libby Keane

    Too funny. My husband makes muffins the exact same way! There is no such thing as too many blueberries as far as he is concerned.

  5. breakfast burrito’s and cooked rice hot cereal are becoming a regular thing in my house.

  6. I so admire your dedication to the cause. We still unfortunately do have cereal sometimes although we make porridge in Winter. I do however reuse the bags for freezing as they are really strong and the cardboard goes for mulching or recycling.

  7. Everyday i cook breakfast for all of our customers here in nz. for me, I’ll go for scrambled egg with toast and a cup of coffee… Yum!!

  8. littlegreenblog

    well I think your exploding muffins look delicious; the more berries the merrier! I’m trying to think about what we eat and you’ve inspired me to write something up at some point. We have porrage, waffles, eggs or beans on toast, smoothies. Hmmmm, great question and thanks for the inspiration…

  9. Exploding muffins are the best kind!

  10. The muffins look yummy….I have 2 pint bags of blueberries from Michigan in my freezer…now I know what to fix for breakfast tomorrow. ha thanks Jenn

  11. brown rice soaked all night, cook for ten minutes, add any nuts, and fresh or dried fruit, the leftovers may be eaten cold for a snack, think ‘snack-bar’.. i drop a beaten egg or two in my rice or mixed grain cereal and turn the heat off… pour some cream or yogurt at cooking or serving time..wheat germ or powdered lecithin add some texture too.

    good thing about a large pan of rice or whole grain like semolina or maltomeal type…you may pour the extra in a pan (olive oil coated) sprinkle the 1 or 2 inch layer with a little raw sugar and broil it till brown on top…delish anytime!

  12. I am traveling in Japan right now, and I am drooling looking at your breakfast. Fruits and Veggies in Japan can get pretty pricy….
    However, breakfast in Japanese hotels consists of Porridge, omelet, dried fish, peanuts, and sometimes raw fish.

  13. Until the heat set in, I was making congee for breakfast. It’s a sort of rice porridge and little bits of meat or vegetables can be added for variation. It’s delicious – but it does usually require cooking overnight to reach the right consistency.

  14. A hearty thank you for the compliments on the muffins everyone! They were delish! And thank you for the breakfast ideas. They are all good! Now I have a bit of variety! What to make, what to make…

  15. Bridget—I like the idea of using the bags for freezing. Hadn’t thought of that!

  16. I usually eat fresh fruit for breakfast. Sometimes a yogurt w/ granola. I’ve been thinking about making my own granola too. I’m getting so sick of reading food labels and seeing the super high sugar and sodium numbers not to mention all the weird ingredients where you can’t even pronounce the word let alone know what the heck it is. (Okay, I need to stop….) Anyway- bravo for wonderful breakfast ideas. Happy eating.

  17. Your muffins looked great. Better than mine come out. I make whole wheat pan cakes and waffles, brown rice with cinnamon and strawberries, or a stir fry of sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and onions. I know the last one is a little weird for breakfast but it’s hearty enough to keep me going well into the day.

  18. NotWiredThatWay—I never thought of brown rice as a breakfast food but it sounds delicious. How come I never thought of that? LOL! Where have I been? I love it!

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