Mover Tom

The company that moved us finally came back and picked up their boxes! I just forgot to tell you about it!

We kept missing each other and due to Hurricane Irene, it put the driver back a few shipments, but he finally made it back down. The boxes sat patiently on our back porch waiting months for pick up. Imagine our thrill to see them go! And Mover Tom appeared happy to receive them. It saves his company money when he reuses boxes! It helps the environment, lowers everyone’s moving costs and boosts our zero waste plan.

Win, win, win, win!

The ideal would be to reuse the same boxes each time we moved. And we could, if we self-moved.  But the military hires out contractors to swoop in and move us. Each company has their own rules– such as:  they must use their own supplies–their own boxes, and tape and must pack each box. We aren’t allowed to  pack anything or they have to repack it. So, unless we want to try a self-move which I’ve heard nothing but nightmare stories about….we’ll make sure the company gets their boxes back so at least they can reuse them. We reuse them, they reuse them. As long as someone is reusing them.

We leave the tape on the boxes. The tape reinforces the box strength. Mover Tom asked that we leave it on.  I feel better knowing they are both reused. The packing paper is either reused or recycled, surprisingly, making the moves much less wasteful than I expected. I mean, there is nothing in my trash bin after the move. But  when I sit down and think of all those trees used to make the paper and boxes…well…you know how that thought process turns out. But I’m shooting for positive thoughts today. So, I’m looking at the trash bin.

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14 responses to “Mover Tom

  1. how very patient of you to store these boxes for months on your porch..a dedicated enviro you are..EnvirA! i shudder at the massive amount of cardboard waste, and paper waste, even if it s sent to be recycled, all that blank space and duplication demonstrates the room for austerity at least for glad to share the re’uses and re’fuses on our paths

  2. Oh Girl, you DO live in the south, I spy moss hanging from the trees! Interesting! Well, you know we just moved and it would have been heaven for someone to come and pack and move it all for us into the next place… alas, most of the packing was accomplished by Moi, and it was not a fun thing. We knocked down our boxes and tossed them in the handy recycling bins here around town. Kept a few too–but hopefully, not for the next move. When the “M” word is mentioned, my husband says, “Just shoot me!”

  3. Jennifer,
    Hope this makes your day, especially since i dropped the dough on the all whole wheat recipe. We sold our house and are moving/packing. There are new owners down the street who gave us all their boxes and paper, which they purchased, used from craigslist. After our move, I have a friend who put their house for sale and will take all the boxes after we unpack.

    • had to take a minute to send my sincere admiration to your dedication to re-using items…boxes are simple and easy to share..i hope the trend is catching, let’s spread it along..cardboard love!

  4. Claudia–you did make my day! That’s SO awesome! Made my heart happy!

    Jesusknowsmyname—I hear you. My husband just HATES moving. I’m getting there, but once we get settled, it’s all so exciting being in a new place. I guess it’s like giving birth. You sort of forget the pain, and then it all comes swirling back and you shake your head and think, what was I thinking? ha!

    Nadine–I agree. It’s all such a waste. Often times I think, why do we have to move around so much? Couldn’t we do the same job and do it well if we stayed in one place? But then time marches by and I forget about the dreaded packing and unpacking. But the older I get, the more of a pain it becomes. It used to be much more of an adventure. Maybe I’m just getting old…

    • yes, you are getting OLD, just as all the kings and presidents , the bureaucrats and managers of it all–but don’t forget that the mind renews itself and hope is perennial to gardeners—after more than 100 moves in all circumstances and adventures…i still can visualize the next plant, the next room..wherever under any sky or situation—that is what adventurers are blessed with— an eye to possibilities..and a bit of know!

  5. misswhiplash

    It is good that they came back..not good when you are left with packing cases being in the way all the time

  6. littlegreenblog

    I think it’s wonderful that you kept hold of those boxes, I’m not sure even I would have the patience for that AND that the company actually made the effort to come back. That makes me VERY happy (and a little bit ashamed to consider whether or not I would have wanted to be put out like that). Hmmm, thought provoking; thanks!

  7. Well done you! I admire your patience.

  8. Miss Whip Lash—I was thrilled they did come back! I didn’t know companies would do that.

    LittleGreenBlog—they were on the back porch, so we weren’t put out too, too much.

    Bridget—a grand thank you!

    Nadine—100 moves! Amazing.

    • hello jennifer, one more time..the number of moves we were subjected to is only relevant in its scope–the only thing amazing about it is that my sons survived it all with strength and health..and yes humor and migrant workers and homeless immigrants..13 schools by third grade…we did not need many boxes, as we ‘owned’ so that’s zero waste lifestyle i suppose; using boxes for furnishing instead…i must have been ahead of my time..such amazing kids!

  9. Nadine–such an amazing story!

  10. I was going to breakdown my boxes and use them for when I move again but I like what Claudia did. I think I’ll place an ad for some free moving boxes. They’ll get recycled and save someone some money.

    Thanks Jennifer and Claudia!

  11. 🙂
    Thanks NotWiredThatWay!

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