Non-packaged soap! Whoo-hoo!

Look what I found! Score!

This made me sooo happy! I found them at Whole Foods, but I’ve also seen them in various health food stores. Until I start making my own, I like it.

They contained only one sticker…

It’s the closest thing I’ve found to zero packaging….so far.

Have you found anything without packaging? Tell on!

12 responses to “Non-packaged soap! Whoo-hoo!

  1. Nice one! Love the video!

  2. littlegreenblog

    Fantastic – I’m always so excited when I find truly zero waste products. I can buy soap like that too. Do you have LUSH over there? In some stores you can cut soap and shampoo off a big bar, like a cake and just take it home in your own paper bag 🙂
    My favourite has to be mother nature’s packaging – the banana, the kiwi fruit, the apple – very cool huhn?!

  3. In my “whole foods for poor people” I saw a laundry detergent with green compostable box and I thought about you. wanted to take a picture of it so I take it in my hands and read the label on the back. then I saw it, the detergent has two packages: The exterior is from something like a cartbox and there is a second PLASTIC package inside it. ugh.
    btw, my dad used to use this kind of soap for his psoriasis and he would use it in place of a shampoo. he liked it a lot!
    I was looking for it here in US but couldn’t find. I guess I need to visit WF 🙂

  4. We can buy soap like this (no stickers, even) at our natural food store. And farmers markets are good for no packaging. We can recycle almost everything here too.

  5. Unpackaged soap widely available through Lush cosmetics at lush prices! By the way, which degree of hippie bullshit are you? I think I’m a 5.5 🙂

  6. @Bridget—I laughed and laughed through the whole video! I love it when people do spoofs like that.

    @Mrs. Green—we have no LUSH anywhere local. But they had one in my hometown and one in D.C. LOVED it. I especially like the soap cake bars you can cut off as much as you need. I wish they had those everywhere.

    @Mom Photographer—I think most natural health stores would carry some similar type of soap. If you’re in CA, you might be able to find a LUSH in your area. MUCH better than anything at Whole Foods. I bet you have a couple options there I don’t have. God bless California. And yes, the soap detergent was decieving, wasn’t it? I hate that. Why can’t it just come in the box? AUGH!

    @ Lightly crunchy–Your town sounds like my idea of heaven. That settles it. We’re settling in the NORTH!

    @ Alison–I love LUSH. We just don’t have one near by. But I guess I could always order off-line if they don’t package it to death. I think I’m pretty close to a 6 too just because I’m making and growing most of my food now. But there were a few things in there I didn’t recognize. And I don’t make my own sauerkraut….yet. Still, in this area we’d be considered pretty high up there. And totally weird. (Which I’m all for!!)

  7. We buy in large quantities…25 pound bags of bean and rice and flour…so the packaging is as little as we can get it. Making as much on our own is how we reduce packaging.
    Check out where we post all the ideas we can.

  8. @ Barbara and Jack—that’s the way to do it. Buy in bulk and make your own. We make more than we buy in bulk. But that’s because there are only two of us. But then, there are only two of you and you can go through 25 lbs of beans! I like it! I will most certainly check out donachyblog!

  9. I just found out that there is lush next to where I live. I will check it out. thanks!

  10. I just love the oatmeal bars at WF, and that video was hilarious!

  11. Polish Mom—you’re back! Check out that Lush. I really think you’ll like it. How I wish we had one near by. Everything is made fresh. It’s so amazing and smells so good.

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