Nadine’s Soupe Verte

My version of Nadine’s French Green soup…Soupe verte in celebration of her zero waste lifestyle. Making this soup can save wilting greens from the fridge that need to be used up. Or save them FROM wilting! (Nadine–I didn’t have all the ingredients and I have a helluva time following directions. But I did get the gist of it and it turned out fabulous!) Might be the best soup I’ve ever made.

What to use:

1/2 head of small cabbage–shredded
5 oz. raw spinach
2 unpeeled potatoes–diced
1 medium onion–diced
1 carrot– chopped
3 cloves garlic–minced
2 tsp dried parsley flakes
1 tsp sea salt, ground black pepper to taste
2 tablespoons heavy whipping cream
1 tablespoon plain Greek yogurt OR sour cream

How to make it:

1. Rinse greens.
2. Dice potatoes and onion. Chop carrot.
3.”Just” cover potatoes, onion, and carrot with water in 8 quart pot, bring to a boil, simmer for 10 minutes.
4. Add chopped cabbage, spinach sprigs and minced garlic to pot, along with parsley, salt and pepper. Simmer for 5 to 10 more minutes, till greens are limp.
5. Allow cooling period; then ladle into food processor, pulse to a smooth texture.
“When potatoes and onions are white specks in a verdant velvet are ready.” –Nadine Sellers

End Result:

We stirred in the 2 tablespoons of whipping cream along with yogurt while still warm enough to dissolve it. It gave a lovely pea-soup color and Nadine says the sour cream helps absorb the pro vitamin A and other fat soluble components of the vegetables. Either makes it delicious, refreshing and FRESH, FRESH, FRESH tasting! We served it with a side of baked salmon. Mmmm…. For the REAL version of soupe verte, visit Nadine’s site.
Thanks, Nadine!
(I tried taking some pictures of myself eating it very s…l…o…w…l….y to show the pretty color green, but I just don’t think they worked out. Instead, I ended up looking, well, like an idiot with green lips. Oh, well. You get the point.)

19 responses to “Nadine’s Soupe Verte

  1. Oh, I’m sure it’s quite tasty, but the picture made me think of that movie The Toxic Avenger. It looks like the stuff in the barrels that turned the guy into a monster.

    A Faraway View
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  2. I am learning finally at 36 wait or am I 37 who knows anyway the point is I’m just learning that I miss out on a lot of yummy stuff cause it just doesn’t look right to me, or smell right. I bet this tastes amazing, I may just have to try it. 🙂

  3. I love green soups and smoothies… they just scream: HEALTHY and FRESH. From Nadine’s three soups list this one sounded the best to me. I’m courious about the watercress soup, too. Maybe I should make it next 🙂
    And you don’t look like an idiot, sweetheart! you look cute 🙂

  4. yes, just what they appear beautifully absorbed in the delicate art of savoring your vitamins in a natural some for a green sauce to slather on pasta next time–especially water-cress..just sprinkle with parmesan add some more cream and mmmm!.

  5. jennifer, i also am a reluctant follower of instructions such as recipes–total scratch cook here…substitutes are the tools of the innovative cook..relish your minerals and vities in confidence–you are finding the wide and peaceful path to contentment–with a dash of pure joy sprinkled on.

  6. Nothing wrong with green lips. I love soup, especially “everything in the fridge” soup. Next time I might try some green soup too!

  7. @Arlee Bird—Ha! I was just thinking about you this week! Your comment made me laugh and reminded me of the line….”Soylent green……is PEOPLE!”

    @Finding my worth—I used to be the SAME exact way. Sometimes, it just takes 36 years to figure it out. But we’ve got it now! Some things taste better than they look!

    @ Mom Photographer–green does equal fresh, doesn’t it? Minus mold! So maybe I didn’t look so stupid. That’s good! LOL!

    @Nadine—So this is how we learn to cook! 🙂 Thanks for the recipe. It was a lot of fun and very tasty. We ate it right up! So easy to make! The pasta sauce sounds wonderful!

    @Lightly crunchy—I’d never made ‘everything in the fridge soup’ before. I tried another version this week with beans. It didn’t work out as well, though my husband is eating it right now and claims it’s “good.” Sometimes I don’t know if he’s just being nice because he loves me or if it really is! Ha! ha!

  8. My soup two weeks ago was great but last weeks soup was gross. Your soup looks good though 🙂

  9. Many times I end up forging my own path with recipes. Sometimes this is good. And at times not. This soup looks interesting. Good way to use up those greens in the fridge. Cheers!

  10. My kids tell me I like strange food. This looks strange enough to try. …Just Saying

  11. littlegreenblog

    sounds delicious; I’ve been eating soup all week with lots of kale in it; mixed with chickpeas – it’s strangely satisfying and no one else likes it so that’s all the more for me!

  12. Sounds great…very nutritious too!

  13. Sounds fab, very nutritious too.

  14. @Stephanie—soup is such a crap shoot. Is that the right word? Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. But it always makes so much, when it doesn’t work out—ugh! This one was tasty, though. I think you’ll like it!

    @Jody–thanks, Jody. I blame it on my inability to follow directions. But I always, always eat it. This one turned out though. I was pleasantly relieved.

    @Mrs. Green–kale + chickpeas sounds very good for you!

    @ Claudia–Anything Nadine makes is interesting. And good for you! It may look like soylent green, but it tasted so, so fresh!

    @Bridget—thanks! When I try something like this and it works out, I grow new confidence to try other things. My heart and tummy seem to thank me.

  15. You’ve come a long way baby! Now making soup that turns out great even without all the ingredients? What happened to that woman who couldn’t cook? By the way, saw a book the other day: vegetarian crock pot – can’t remember where, but it made me think of you!

    • @ Alison–I guess practice makes perfect. I learned that from YOU! I’m coming along slowly but surely. Still crock potting but not posting so much. Life sort of took over. It does that sometimes… 🙂

      • It’s great that you got so active offline that blogging and posting became less. I like blogging, but I also enjoy my offline life. and thanks for saying you learned how to cook from me 🙂 I’m sure there were many others who gave you lots of tips!

  16. You were a mighty big part, Alison! Don’t you forget it!! 🙂 When I try to be creative in the kitchen, I think of you.

  17. I’m going to try that

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