Brazilian avocado smoothies

Inspired by Chef Nor’s Avocado shake post from Food trip……by: Nors Vargas, I remembered the delicious concoction made for me in Brazil. So simple to make, and full of the “good fat,” Florida avocados are just as ripe and delicious as the ones I consumed in the Brazilian tropical climate. They are a beautiful vibrant green here and my hand automatically reaches for them at the farmer’s market.

“Are these from Florida?” I hear myself ask. The response is always yes.

Smooth as butter.

The first time I made the shake for my man, he didn’t like it.
“Uk! This is horrible.”
To which I replied, “What is wrong with you? How can you not like these?”
An introduction to marriage.
I slurped down the entire thing by myself.

Now when I make them, he dips his spoon in the blender. “This isn’t so bad. Not at all like I remember. I always think it’s going to taste like lime, though, and I’m always let down. It must be the green that throws me off.” Nors suggested I make them according to his version with the vanilla ice cream and my husband just might convert.

As of now, I always eat the entire thing by myself.

1 avocado
1/4 cup of 2% milk. If it’s too thick add up to 1/4 cup more–little by little until you get the consistency you want. The higher fat content of the milk, the thicker and creamier the smoothie.
1-1 and 1/2 teaspoon Stevia extract
Blend in blender until creamy. The Magic Bullet works perfect for these.

(I’ve been attempting to go sugar-free since January 1st, so I’ve been experimenting with Stevia, Splenda and agave nectar, but feel free to use sugar. That’s most certainly how we made them in Brazil. )

Drink up! You’ll either love it or hate it, but if you’re a fan of avocados in general, you’ll probably love it. Like me! Skin and seeds go in the compost. The rest goes in my tummy. Great for breakfast. I eat it for dessert as an  ice cream substitution, usually right out of the blender–since I don’t have to share. 🙂


15 responses to “Brazilian avocado smoothies

  1. Heheee… it looks to me like a lovely concoction to put on your face–creamy and nourishing!

  2. Looks good, Im not much for advocados though does it have a strong flavor?

  3. Oh yes, yes, YES! I LOVE avocados and eat one most days. I just mash it up with a fork and eat with anything from jacket potatoes, to rice to spread on crackers. mr g likes a dash of soy sauce with his, I eat mine naked 😉

  4. ah, naked avocado, a pure Green experience-thanks RS.

    as i am not fond of stevia..i put honey or raw sugar–turbinado sugar.
    the word smoothie adds to the excitement of this culinary adventure.
    i enjoy yogurt, sweet cream, ice cream or orange juice in the blender.

    a Mexican version i make when they are soft and on sale..
    1 avocado–1 tsp lime juice-
    1 tbsp each, mayonnaise and sour cream-
    dash of sea salt, chili powder, garlic powder-
    for texture and taste add red salsa-
    crush with fork for a dip minced onion or scallion slices-
    blend for pasta/rice sauce-
    (or slurp slowly as selfish snack).

  5. Mmm…looks nommy! I love avocados. I will eat them plain- just slice in half and sprinkle with sea salt and eat it with a spoon. I found out a while ago they really work great in smoothies to add a nice consistency. I actually got avocados the other day- only got to eat two of them. My doggy snatched the other one off the counter- clever one, that Spot! He even managed to get the peel off. Not the first time he’s stolen my avocados. He’s the strangest dog, LOVES fruits and veggies, and will literally eat almost anything. The only thing he’s ever turned his nose up at was pickles- even then he played with it and chewed on it like he was considering it for a long while, til he finally decided it was not edible. lol

  6. I am so jealous of your avocado. The one we had here are terrible looking and already black inside. Nobody is buying them. I guess I need to wait for a few more weeks (or months) to try this recipe 🙂
    It sounds great but it remainds me of my face mask I make a few times a month (it works great with those bad avocados as well). Only I use plain yogurt in place of milk… some raw honey and lime juice. Many times before I put it on my face I tasted it and I actually really liked it 😉
    My husband is always grossed out when I do that. I always chase him around the house with this mask on my face trying to kiss him… He never lets me to do that. Weirdo 😉
    Anyway when my daughter was starting her solid food diet I would often mix some avocado to it. She loved it. Now she doesn’t like the texture of it… She’s turning into Little Daddy with her pickiness. lol

  7. ah… and I have two avocado trees growing on ma patio. I started them from the seeds of store bough avocados I previously used for ma face mask 😉 They grow like crazy!

  8. Wow…. Now i am craving for that avocado shake. That pictures looks really smooth and very refreshing. I am glad its a season of avocado here in nz. You know what? Try my avocado ice cream version. Its just a mashed of 3 pcs avocado, 1 cup cream, you can use the splenda sugar and 1 tbsp of vanilla essence. You can store in freezer for weeks. Once you crave, just bring it out And you have an awesome avocado ice cream…. Thanks

  9. So there you go—according to Mom Photographer and Joy–you can eat it and/or wear it as a face mask! ha!

    @ Nors, I’m going to try it with the ice cream. I’ll let you know how it goes!

    @Finding my worth–strangely, it doesn’t. I don’t think. It’s very subtle. You should try Nor’s ice cream version. You might like it better.
    @ Nadine–thanks for the recipe.
    @ Mrs. Green–my mama used to eat them naked. As a kid, I thought it was gross. I thought everything was gross.
    @ Ewa–chasing your hubby around the house for a kiss with the green face made me laugh siting right here at the computer. I wish I could send you some of my avocados. It must just be the season. Just hang on!
    @ Beth–your story about your dog the avocado snatcher made me laugh!

    Thanks for the comments everyone! I’m slowly making my rounds to your sites! 🙂

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  11. Hmmmm….just saw a recipe for avocado pasta sauce, with lime and coriander. There’s a link on a recent post. Not sure about the shakes, worth a try. …what’s Stevia?

  12. as i am reading today, i’ll tell you that the small bushy plant known as stevia originates from South America and is sold in many springtime displays such as WalMart’s or other markets and herb catalogs..the leaves are so sweet, they almost overwhelm, but cause no danger to diabetics..easy to grow and somewhat decorative too.

    i bought the small packets which look like the diet sugars without the side effects (brand Tuvia) here and must use it in cooking as i don’t enjoy the taste in coffee or tea. too sweetish..

  13. Yes, Miss Alison–Nadine describes Stevia much better than I could. A natural sugar substitute. I tried to grow it last season, to no avail. Planted 4 seeds this month, only one has sprouted. So, I’ve planted another 4. But once I get the leaves, I have no idea what to do with them. Hoping I can cook with the leaves and that will sweeten, but that might just be expecting too much! Ha!

    • jennifer, when you boil your cinnamon sticks or vanilla beans, add a small cloth bag full of dried or fresh stevia leaves to the water or milk mix and steep for an hour at least.. it will be very sweet.
      to get tropical plants to germinate, you need to keep the soil warm..with an electric pad set on low under the plant tray. and a cloth on top. to retain the warmth..then acclimate them slowly to your semi tropical climes outside.
      sand+ compost+ clay mix best..

  14. Ahhh, Nadine! I had no idea! AWESOME!!

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