Saving money and energy in winter

So, Georgia Power sent me another pamphlet in with my electric bill. They recommend setting the thermostat to 68 degrees Fahrenheit in winter. For every degree higher than 68, tack on another 3% of energy used. And we all know—energy ain’t cheap! Here’s their helpful chart to show you how much you’ll save and how much you can spend.

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2 responses to “Saving money and energy in winter

  1. In California, our electricity is more costly than, say, Oregon. So is our propane. We just discovered that we could save 40 cents a gallon by switching propane providers. It means using ours up and having to switch tanks, but on a $500 fill-up, it will be worth it. We’ve had the same provider for 12 years. It pays to check. (We got ticked off when the driver left the $500 bill as a door hanger on the door we never use, the dog pulled it down and we found it in the flowerbed chewed. They routinely require it paid in full in 15 days. We paid half immediately, but they charged us 18% late fee when we paid the second half 30 days later. Not a big amount, it was just the principle! We’re going with a company that has a better customer policy.)

    Also, I phoned the electric company for two elderly people and got them on low-income rates. The rate for elderly, disabled and low-income is surprisingly generous in some states. Check it out for yourselves and any elders you might know. There is also a rate that is much cheaper for ag use if you only use after 6PM and weekends.

  2. i showed the handy degree/cost chart to my husband–he turned away muttering a low groan..mmm. no ink in printer for the last 3 years, so..i’ ll send it to someone who can print it and spread it for me.

    anne shroeder, useful info as well..what a huge cost and interest for gas/propane..good to know there are discounts for needy clients.
    ps: reading avidly..a review of your book should begin pouring out in a couple of days.

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