Take the 40 Gallon Challenge

The University of Georgia Cooperative Extension of Colleges of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences & Family and Consumer Sciences have put out the 40 Gallon Challenge to save water. Check it out at www.40GallonChallenge.org

Even if you don’t live in the States, pull it up and click on any county just to get a glimpse of all the ways you can save. I had no idea taking my car through the car wash instead of washing it in the driveway could save 18 gallons of water!

If all Georgians across the state of Georgia, all Americans across the nation, and all nationalities across the world joined forces to pledge to save water, what a massive zero waste footprint we could leave. Some ideas off the site:

1. Run dishwasher only when full. (saves 2 gallons)

2. Shorten showers by 2 minutes. (saves 5 gallons)

3. Turn off water while brushing teeth. (saves 8 gallons)

4. Fix leaky faucets and toilets. (saves 45 gallons)

5. Install low-flow toilets and shower heads.  (saves 28 gallons)


1. Collect precipitation in a rain barrel. (saves 5 gallons)

2. Sweep rather than wash driveways and sidewalks. (saves 22 gallons)

3. Water lawn after midnight and before 10 a.m . ( saves 20 gallons)

4. Repair leaky pipes and sprinkler heads. (saves 20 gallons)

5. Add mulch to trees and plants.  (saves 25 gallons)

( All gallons are approximations.)

I most certainly see a couple we could work on!
By calculations on the survey, we’re saving 121 gallons, but we took the pledge for 40 more. We’ll see how it goes!
To take the pledge go to www.40GallonChallenge.org
For more information, plug in: www.ugaextension.com.

Let’s all take the 40 gallon challenge today!
Cheers to conserving water!

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6 responses to “Take the 40 Gallon Challenge

  1. Great suggestions and ideas. What most people in America don’t realize or think about is that water is our most precious resource. As a child I remember reading an article in “National Geographic” which photographed some of the indigenous people in sub-Saharan Africa who collected their water from the leaves of plants on which the dew had settled – going from leaf to leaf and pouring the small amount of moisture into a container. After hours of labor they collected less than a glass of the liquid.

  2. took my pledge, i had a hard time finding things which i don’ t already do to save water..i treat the essential liquid as if it were gold…it is in spirit anyway.. 120 gals saved is that much better for all..life.

  3. @ Juwannadoright—really puts things into perspective. All that time for such a small amount of water. Nadine is right. Treat it like gold, and we’ll be all right.

    @Nadine—thanks for taking the challange!! I had a tough time finding any we didn’t already do too, but there were a few I didn’t think enough about. I like that—treating the liquid like gold. Excellent!

  4. We’re trying to save the water but living in a apartment complex we do not have control over a few things. Like sprinklers, for example. Here, were we live the low-flow toilets are the rule so they are in every single apartments and homes. We do not have private washing mashines and using those from our laundry room I do not know how efficient they are.
    I didn’t know that by not using garbage disposal you can save so much water. It’s great to know, though. I’ll be more aware of that from now on.

    • @ Mom Photographer–Yaaay! You learned something new! And living in an apartment does give you less control. But I think you make up for it just fine in other ways! 🙂

  5. Good tips – they say we will have water shortage in the summer due to low rainfall this winter. My fave way to save water: save up all the dishes and do them all at once (I am the dishwasher! )

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