My man, the romantic recycler.

Guess what my man brought me home as he waltzed in the door from work? Even better than flowers! ha!

Is he not the most romantic thing?

Oh, you can see the compost scraps in the back! ha!

He fished them out of the trashcan where he works—-where they of course, do not have a recycling bin. (SIGH.) But it was what he said I found the most enchanting.

“I couldn’t just leave them there and walk past them out the door. I knew they were headed to the landfill.”

He knows me so well. He really is a man after my heart!

I said, “Oh, honey, you didn’t!” LOL!

Such an amazing creature. He taught me to compost, you know.  I don’t think it’s possible to love him any more than I do. I might burst.


                                      Make every single day count!

Fantastic Recycling articles:


16 responses to “My man, the romantic recycler.

  1. Is that him in the picture? Gorgeous. Romantic, environmentally thoughtful and sexy to boot. You are one lucky lady.

  2. Sounds as if you two had a wonderful Valentine’s day. Spending time together is what counts. We had a quiet, lovely evening with some chocolate in the mix, of course. LOL

  3. Good for him and you, too !!!

  4. You’re such a cute couple!!!!!

  5. all of the above ECO-Couple; it’s a love explosion!
    may you relish all your daily eco-moments.ns

  6. Aww that is so sweet! Now this is a Valentine’s story that really makes me smile! 🙂

  7. Next year, maybe he can pick a flower from a neighbor’s yard and stick in one of the bottles. That’s what my husband does–in his empty beer bottle. I’t gives me goosebumps, the love.

  8. A perfect Valentine Day gift!

  9. Oh my! You guys write so fast, I can’t keep up!
    First off, I thank each of you for reading my posts! This is so much fun. And secondly, if I haven’t gotten over to your blogs, I’m getting there. I’ve been out of town and am a bit behind. But I’m reading!
    I am very lucky Lesley. You put things into perspective with your comment. Thank you.
    Nadine, I love the eco-explosion of love! I’ll have to show him that!
    And next year Anne, I think that’s a wonderful idea. Right in the beer bottle! Reusing!!
    You ladies are great. I’m enjoying reading each of your blogs and learning from all of you. I find all my inspirations in your encouragement and through your wonderful writings!
    Again, a thousand thank yous. 😀

  10. @ Marcia,
    OH! And nothing wrong with a bit of chocolate! 🙂

  11. Very cool, very cool indeed.

  12. =D A man who understands your mind & supports your ideals is a man worthy of keeping ^^

  13. Oh, now he’s a keeper and I can definitely see the attraction; a man who brings you bottles for recycling; that really IS love!

  14. @ Eldy–Thanks woman! 🙂 I read your comment to my husband. He smiled.

    @ Foottrackerluvya—you’re right. I guess I’ll keep him after all… LOL! 🙂

    @ Mrs. Green—I thought the same thing. A man that brings you bottles to recycle–that really is love, indeed! That made me laugh. I knew you ladies would get it! 🙂

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