How to make your own peanut butter

I haven’t bought peanut butter in over a year! I make it fresh, and made to order whenever I need it for a recipe…or a sandwich. It takes less than five minutes.

It’s so easy, I don’t know why anyone would ever need to buy it. Making it from scratch is simple, inexpensive, NOT full of sugar, and reduces plastic–especially the tops you can’t recycle. The  woman behind the counter at Gurganus Peanut Outlet in Capron, Virginia east of Emporia on Highway 58 shared this recipe with me. (Which was beyond graceful considering I didn’t buy any of her peanut butter, but asked how to make my own. She even zeroxed the recipe for me. People can be SO kind!)

What you’ll need:

2 cups peanuts, salted or unsalted
1 tablespoon peanut oil
1/2 teaspoon salt, if using unsalted peanuts
Mason jar (or any empty jar will do)

Yeah, that’s it.

How to make it:

1.Throw your peanuts and peanut oil in the food processor.

2.Pulse for 3 minutes.

3. A round ball will form. Let it work itself out.

See the ball on the far right?

4.When the ball is gone, turn it off and lift the lid. Therein lies your creamy peanut butter.

Now, how easy is that? (If you prefer chunky, stir in a cup of whole peanuts.)

Scoop into Mason jar with spatula. Easy clean up!

End Result:

The taste isn’t like the store-bought because there is no sugar or preservatives in it. It tastes like peanuts. How peanut butter is supposed to taste!

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39 responses to “How to make your own peanut butter

  1. Looks delicious. I have bought store brand PB that was made on-site with only peanuts and peanut oil and you can really taste the difference. I only buy natural PB now. But I may have to start making my own after seeing this. Its amazing how simple making your own food dishes really can be when you stop to think about it. I make chipotle mayo and chipotle ketchup. So simple and better than store brands.

    • MoreFoodPlease, are the ketchup and mayo recipes on your site? Where do I find them? I just noticed at Whole Foods they have all the butters to make on site—peanut butter, almond butter, etc. I would never have thought it was so simple. I mean, you get it in a jar and you think it must be super difficult with all these different ingredients….who knew?

  2. How much peanut oil do you use?

    • Oh, good catch Rockycropfarm! I guess I need to put the acutal recipe up there! I just updated it. It’s 1 tablespoon of oil and 1/2 teaspoon salt. It isn’t as sweet as storebought because it has no sugar, but it’s plenty “peanut-y!!” Let me know if you try it? I’d like to see what others think.

  3. thank you so much for the surfacing memories—when i had ravenous teens afoot, i used to extend the peanut or mixed nut butters with honey and wheat germ ; in order to make it easier to grind i’ d add less than a quarter cup of peanut or olive oil to the mix in the blender, (had no food processor) mine was a strong blender.
    one big jar did not last long enough for the oil to surface as it often does and must be re-stirred with a spoon at every use.

    add bittersweet cocoa powder or powdered chocolate and crushed hazelnuts and you have custom nutella-like spread to enjoy as a treat on baked sesame crackers or melba toast slices, mmm!.

  4. Nadinesellers,
    Make-your-own nutella! I’ve always wondered about that. It’s just crushed up hazelnuts and cocca, yes? It just looks so smooth in the jar, and I think…mine won’t turn out like that. But I’d like to try. We still have nutella to finish up. I won’t eat it because of the high sugar content so….it just sits there.
    But I’ll try the honey and wheat germ with my next batch of peanut butter. Maybe it was the honey I was missing. I miss the sweet store bought. But that’s just the sugar I’m missing.

    • jennifer; for a pint of mm-tella spread, all you need is 3 spoons of honey, or brown sugar — nut butter and as i prefer nutty-crunchy texture, i add sweet pecan or almond or peanut bits, crushed between two layers of clean towel with a gentle hammer…sprinkle that as you put it in the jar not to waste a single bite. the chocolate can be in knife shavings from a dark chocolate bar. i will reserve a complete recipe page around this subject for you on my green blog when ready.

  5. We buy at one store that sels more of the healthier products of all that exists on the market.I buy there raw honey,all my veggies and fruits and a few more things!
    They have peanut butter that contains only the ingredients that are in your recipe. I showed it to my husband and he didn’t like it. Why?! Because the oil separeted from the peanuts and it looked nothing like for example “Skippy” brand. Smooth and silky filled with bunch of stuff that prevents the oil to separet from the nuts.
    The same was with raw honey! He didn’t know it’s hard and not translucent. He thought I’m kidding.he didn’t want to buy.There is so many people that don’t know how real food taste and look it’s amazing (and sad) !!!

    • YEAY!!!! I was able to leave a comment!!!

      • Yay! You’re back!! That is amazing how we don’t know what real food tastes like. Like you drinking the milk from the bucket. (so cute.) I didn’t know that about the honey either since we’d only ever bought it since I was a kid in those plastic bear containers. Did he ever try it? The real honey?
        I forgot you didn’t like peanut butter. You told me that once before, I think.
        I am SO GLAD TO HAVE YOU BACK!!!! YAAAY!!!
        (Thank goodness for Twitter or I would have thought you had fallen off a cliff or something!)

      • my new green blog is not up yet, but it looks like i may have to choose the new-tella recipe for a first subject…as for honey, i do love the raw variety as i used to buy from a beekeeper in a 5 gallon bucket, it lasted a while… i did not ever cook it and i ate the bits of chewy wax within too. it went in beans and peas, sour-kraut and applesauce, anything that needed a spoon of sweetness–like the nut butters and spreads.
        i have recipes on too —
        any name for my blog? my last one was greenadine..can’t use it again. ideas please?

      • @nadinesellers, what about “greenerdine” 😉
        I don’t now what’s your blog is going to be about? food? only food? healthy food? different kinds of food (healthy or not), etc… . I would love to help you if you give me some directions and your preferences!

      • hello mpt..can you feel me smiling as i 2-finger type this? greenerdine, well i am green, but shy of nerd…not technologically proficient enough to claim the title..
        about–well yes of course food, of course healthy, but the sustainable lifestyle i espouse is all encompassing…it begins when i wake and permeates dreams when i sleep..not so much the pursuit of happiness but the well being of the whole person in a natural setting here on planet E.
        i envision sharing ideas, ideals and POSITIVE news about what can and IS being done to balance the dreadful practices man has imposed upon resources in his quest for money and energy.
        your suggestion is going right down on my notebook pad…
        signed: your new friend greenerdine,ns

      • @nadinesellers : the way you described it it brought to my mind a cartoon I used to watch as a kid: “Captain Planet”.

        I really liked it and it always brings a positive memories. You should watch a few episodes, they might give you some ideas for your new blog name 🙂

  6. I was able to leave a few comments from my wordpress profile today, but only on blogger blogs :/ .On wordpress I have to stay with Twitter (thank goodness for
    Anyway, yes… my husband eats that raw honey now. I can’t because I’m pregnant and raw honey has something I shouldn’t be eating (don’t remember what that is). I eat peanut butter though but it’s a dark chocolate peanut butter.It’s actually pretty good.I’m planning to make some cookies using it but can’t move my lazy butt lately. it’s getting heavier and heavier… oh wait it’s my belly… not butt… or maybe both. can’t tell 😉

    • Oh, you are still using Twitter. I see that now. 😦
      But it’s getting better. Did support get back in touch yet?
      Dark chocolate peanut butter….mmmm!
      Your comment made me laugh!

  7. Great idea Jennifer, I’ll pass it on to my daughters. I would consider making PB if they (the girls) were still little and at home but for hubby and me, I don’t think so. We don’t eat it often enough. I know it tastes better though, tried the natural variety and like it.

    • Marcia, yes! It would be great for the kids. I cook with it a lot, make granola and the such. But there is nothing like a pbj late at night when I’m snacky. (I really should stop doing that!!)

  8. @ Nadinesellers, a new green blog! How exciting. Will think on a name. I liked the last one. Mom Photographer is really creative too. See if she can shoot out a few ideas. I’ll ask my husband and see if he can come up with any too. He’s pretty creative with that stuff. Can’t wait to see what GREAT ideas you’ll have posted on the new blog!

  9. I still eat peanut butter sandwiches, and this is such a good idea! And the idea of making it myself is very appealing. Thanks!

  10. I roasted the peanuts on a cookie sheet in the oven and add more flavor. Just Saying

    • Such a good idea, Claudia! Roast your own! Do they sell them raw in the store or would I have to go to a peanut store (like the one where I found the recipe?)

  11. I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Award.
    Join in if you like but there is no obligation to participate. I so enjoy your blogs and wish to thank you for sharing and dropping by my blog too.

  12. I have bought it without additives but had no idea it was easy to make…I will def. try it. keep the ideas coming

    • Thanks Aunt Pat! Taste it in the food processor (or blender apparently but I think that would be a little harder to clean) and if it isn’t to your liking (because it will be sugarless) add a little honey. I didn’t know about this, or I would have stuck it in the recipe. Thanks for taking out the time to read my posts! 🙂 You’re too kind.

  13. @Nadinesellers, I’ve got nothing. I’ve been thinking all day. And everything I come up sounds beyond corny. My man coudln’t come up with anything either. Still thinking…

    • before i temporarily disappear to write a few assignments for helium, i’ll tell you how glad i am to have met you and your green retinue, see how difficult it is to distill one entire writing experience into a blog title? that’s what’s been holding me for awhile now. that’s not writer’s block; that’s a silly tether.
      the essentials are –environment-nature-self-sufficiency–humanity- animality- do i ever shrink the subjects into a name?
      signed..puzzled wordless writer, ns

      • @ Nadinesellers, oh woman, I feel your pain! I’m still thinking….!! 🙂
        Your comment made me smile. Now go write. If you get away from it, it may come to you in the still of the night…

  14. I haven’t seen them in a store and purchased as you did across the line in a “Georgia Peanut Store”. I never looked in Cracker Barrel….just saying.

  15. i love this idea! Its a great alternative to buying PB with palm oil. Thanks for sharing!

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