The toothbrush outcome

So, I tried the Preserve toothbrush made of recycled yogurt cups…

And I must admit it made me feel good knowing yogurt cups were reused. It functioned like any other normal toothbrush. I like mine super soft, so it wasn’t soft enough for me. But they don’t offer those kinds of choices.

I stuffed it back in the same container I bought it in, placed one small piece of tape to close it, and sent it through the mail.
No, not compostable, but 100% zero waste–for me. Do they reuse them yet, again?

Impressed at the concept, I’d probably use it again. But I’m still trying to find the compostable ones. So far, I haven’t seen them offered in any health/natural store I’ve visited. I suppose if I want to seriously be like my hero Bea Johnson, I’ll have to have it shipped from Canada.


Has anyone else found the compostable toothbrushes? Tried them out? Did they compost? Any idea where to find them in the States? (besides on-line). I’m trying to weasel out of the packaging of a shipped product.

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5 responses to “The toothbrush outcome

  1. Hmmm, how annoying. Is this any good? Didn’t have time to read through, just saw a price in dollars – in a rush this evening! Good luck with your search!

    • Thanks Mrs. Green for sharing the link. You’re such a thougtful, little thing! These are the same ones we found. They’re from Canada and made out of bio-plastics NOT made from petroleum, but they look to be the only ones out there, that I can find anyway…
      Might just have to break down and have them shipped. Ugh! 🙂
      I wish the toothbrush companies would get with it and give us more of a choice. Of course, I’ve heard they’ll deliver what we demand. I guess not enough of us are demanding. I mean, I don’t even know how to do that.

  2. I mean Ugh! 😛 (not smiley face!)

  3. I wonder if you call to place your order, and request it, if the company would ship them in a plain paper envelope. I don’t imagine that they are fragile, so the bubble wrap, etc. shouldn’t be necessary. Then, you can compost the envelope! ~Susan

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