E-scrap recycling turn out

The  e-scrap recycling turn out was a whiz-bang success! Sponsored by the N.G.O. St. Marys EarthKeepers and the St. Marys Tribune and Georgian,  I can’t remember when I’ve had so much fun!

The latest estimate? At least 13 tons of electronic waste collected, including a box of batteries close to 200 lbs. from a man who knew throwing them in the trash was a bad idea, and saved them for years because he didn’t know where to take them! That’s over last year’s limit. So exciting! When the actual numbers are tallied, they’ll be posted in the comments.

Parked in the St. Marys Tribune parking lot, Recycling E-scrap, the EPA-approved recycling facility from Jacksonville, FL and Sentry Data Management from Blackshear, GA rolled out their red carpets. And what a perfect day for it–sunny and cold. The EarthKeepers flowed in to volunteer. And the cars simply did not stop coming. One after another. Some recycling electronics, some paper, many both. One of the EK members leaned toward open windows asking, “Paper or plastic?”

EarthKeepers and community.

And the generous citizens of St. Marys, Kingsland and Woodbine donated kindly to the EarthKeepers cause. They walked over, even doubling back around to drop money in the coffee can I  normally use to collect my kitchen food scraps for compost. I couldn’t believe it. In this economy? THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES OVER TO THE CITIZENS OF CAMDEN COUNTY FOR YOUR DONATIONS OF MONEY, TIME, AND THE WASTE YOU SAVED FROM THE LANDFILL.

I mostly enjoyed meeting the other green-minded folks that mulled around talking politics and visiting with one another. I met members of the city council, people born and raised in St. Marys and those that moved here and “just stayed.”

The community wanted this service. They asked questions. They shouted out, “Good morning!” They showed up and brought massive amounts of ‘stuff’ no longer usable. As Alex Kearns, the Chair of the Board of Directors of St. Marys EarthKeepers says, “If you make it easy for people to recycle, they will come.”

The turn out was great. The volunteers were fabulous. And the difference this event made– tons of waste NOT landfill bound.

Well done.
Last year’s event gave Savannah, GA the idea to throw their own e-scrap recycling event. Who can we encourage this year?

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16 responses to “E-scrap recycling turn out

  1. Wow that is so amazing. What an excellent way to encourage great greening!

  2. That’s really awesome! It looks like you had such a great day!
    I have bunch of old batteries waiting to be taken to a place/event like that. When we lived in Fresno we knew a place that would recycled it. Here we haven’t looked yet.

    • There don’t seem to be many places to recycle things like these. I think that’s why it was such a big turn out. People really want to help the environment, it just isn’t always offered. What was it like in Poland for things like this?
      And Good luck with finding a place in your new town!

      • Yesterday we watched “Fuel” on Netflix (great movie, btw: http://www.netflix.com/Movie/Fuel/70084130) and there was a quote by Gandhi: “When the people lead, the leaders will follow.” I think the same is here.
        From what I remember in Poland there was a few places that would take your electronics and batteries (mostly electronic stores).
        Speaking about our town there is a place in parking lot of our grocery store that take plastics and cans so we go there. Don’t know anything about electrionics and batteries because we haven’t looked. we don’t need it. I’ve got a cup of old batteries but it’s not worth the trip to a recycling place. I can wait a little bit longer and gather more of those before I make the trip.

  3. @ Mom Photographer, yeah, it takes us forever to get enough batteries to recycle too. After we use up what we have, I want to switch to the rechargeable ones. Has to be cheaper, right?
    I’ll check out Fuel on Netflix!

  4. The numbers: (which I’ll post out tomorrow, but for Eldy and Polish Mom Photographer following the comments)
    13 tons of electronics were recycled compared to last year’s 10 tons.
    And 7,211 lbs of paper shredded and recycled compared to last year’s 4,259 lbs.

  5. although i live in a recycling desert here in the midsection of the nation, i derive much joy from such positive accomplishments as your projects…i just tuned in via my zero waste blog and followed you here…i have a son in Folkston and St Mary’s..i hope his family is aware of your good deeds and can participate..wonderful writing for this new year, thanks

  6. Thank you for your kinds words nadinesellers!
    What a small world, indeed. A son right here in St. Marys? Navy by any chance?
    I hopped over to look at your book reviews on blogspot. You’re a writer, huh? A kindred spirit! My favorite kind!

  7. the words military and ecology do not connect in my short memory..but then i happen onto your blog and notice that green indeed is a suitable color for your lifestyle..i have subscribed to your accessible and enjoyable writing because it is positive and engaging..i will let you know when i finally migrate my waste reduction posts to a new home; a green home apart from my literary ones.

    • Nadinesellers, you’re so right about that! The two do not connect. It is one of the most wasteful institutions I know. Once we get our own lives on track, I’d like to see if I can make even a dent on base. Wish me luck on that one. It will be me against the machine! Thank you so much for subscribing and following our madness. It is so much fun, really.
      I subscribed to your feed….I’m just not sure I did it right. Blogspot is a bit of a mystery to me, still! But I do enjoy a good read. And your words are such intense poetry, I’m sure they can only inspire me further! Thanks for joining us on our journey!
      Yes, let me hear about your green journey as well. We’re all in this together!

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