Electronic recycling heads up!

What do you do with your electronics when they lie sputtered and spent? What can you do with them? And all that paper the city won’t recycle?

It’s the NEW year! Get rid of some stuff without throwing it in the trash can.

The environmental group ‘EarthKeepers’ sponsored an e-scrap recycling event last year in downtown St. Marys, GA. Guess how much they collected?

10 tons of electronic waste! (In a 6 hour period at last year’s event!) The best part? 100% of it was recycled! It’s happening again this Saturday January 14th in the parking lot of the local newspaper, The Tribune and Georgian on 206 Osborne St., downtown St. Marys from 10-4!

What’s accepted: Computers, monitors, cables, cell phones, keyboards, printers, DVDs, floppy discs, VCR tapes, battery-operated equipment, batteries, non-ferrous metals and plastic.

The cost: Television disposal costs a fee, everything else is free. ($10 for a small television and $20 for anything over 30″.)

All electronic materials will be completely cleansed of all data and a certificate of destruction will be available from Recycling E-Scrap in Jacksonville, FL. Paper shredding will also be available from Sentry Data Management.

 Europe banned e-waste from landfills over a decade ago.

Please, comb your home and bring us your broken, no-longer-in-use electronics to the e-recycling drive. And if you aren’t local, search out the e-recyling drive in your town!


Last year's drive.


10 responses to “Electronic recycling heads up!

  1. Great topic! I hope you don’t mind if I “re-blog” this. I feel strongly about electronic waste.


  2. You can read more about the St. Marys EarthKeepers at http://www.stmarysearthkeepers.com

    We are so pleased to welcome Jennifer to our Board. Her energy, dedication and innovation will be invaluable as we continue to promote sound environmental stewardship throughout Camden County.

  3. I think we had that too here in nz. They collect every year. But this year i sell my old stuff at the metal buying store…. Great topic.

  4. Excellent idea. Similar stuff happening here in Ireland.

  5. If you recycle it (and make it easy for others to do so) they will come. Cars started lining up before 10 am, the mountain of electronics is growing and there’s still hours to go.
    One person brought a 150 lb box full of old batteries. The thought of sparing the landfill even that makes it worth it!
    I’ll post the final tally of tons collected in old electronics and paper when I get the figures.
    As always, hats off to the EarthKeepers Board (and Jill Helton) – chilled and generous volunteers all. Special badge of honour to Jennifer for her donation-collecting magic!

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