Oranges and grapefruit in the backyard!

Lucky, lucky us, we rented a house with orange, grapefruit, pear, and kumquat trees! I picked as many as I could reach. We pulled out the ladder and my husband harvested the tall ones. So many left….so high up! How are we going to reach them?

Ohh. I could open my own store!

Well, lo and behold—-the in-laws got us a “picker” for his birthday! My husband and his dad entertained themselves pulling them off the trees last week. So much fun! Well, you know me. I’m not going to let anything go to waste. My plan is to pick every single one of them!

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30 responses to “Oranges and grapefruit in the backyard!

  1. Wow, it’s so beautiful there, Jennifer! Lucky you to have your own private citrus factory!

    • Thanks Michelle. We really lucked out with this yard. You know we didn’t even see the house before we rented it. My brother-in-law came over and checked it out for us, remember? He mentioned there were fruit trees, but wow. I had no idea HOW much fruit! Mis mom had an orange off the tree last week and she said, “It’s too juicy.” How often do you hear that? Can fruit ever be TOO juicy? πŸ™‚ As it runs down your arms!

      • too juicy!??!? OMG! That’s so funny!
        I am so jealous of those trees, espacially the grapefruit one! love grapefruits.
        btw, making your spinach souffle today πŸ™‚

      • Making the spinach souffle today! Yaay! Let me know if you like it. It’s so fluffy and light. You’ve inspired me to try and make grapefruit juice with my little Magic Bullet! πŸ™‚

      • I just saw that you’ve got kumquats, too! Now I’m even more jealous. Those are amazing. When we had them I would make all kinds of salads. My husband loved it.
        Good luck with juice. I always drink my green tea with grapefruit juice and honey in it! Yumm!!!

  2. FABULOUS!!!!! I am so passionate about healthy, unprocessed food, especially grown in my own yard. We had to leave a home (taken by eminent domain) where we grew lots of fruits and veggies. We are working our way back to this and we have a lot more room now. It never gets old to me.

    • Learningandyearning, it never gets old, indeed! I feel I’ve been a bit spoiled. No other house will ever compare to this yard! Did you get a chance to grow anything this past summer?

      • Oh, yes! Lots of veggies. We also built 4 new raised beds in the fall, which will double our garden this year. One of the beds will be for raspberries, which will be the first fruit we have been able to grow in the new yard. Well, we are in this house 8 years now, but the yard was a disaster and it’s been a process. But, I finally feel that we are getting closer to where we would like to be. ~Susan

      • Learningandyearning,
        That sounds wonderful! Raised beds really are the way to go. And they look so much neater. I tried to grow blackberries and blueberries. Didn’t work out. But I’d like to try again this year. Raspberries! How fun! You’ll have to keep me posted, and put up pictures!! And keep those birds away.

  3. We may have to come visit some time so the girls can see real oranges growing on a tree. I’ve also always thought it would be fun to pick oranges off a tree.

    • Savannah,
      The girls would LOVE it! They’d learn so much. They could see cotton fields and pecan trees. And you know, Disney World is only 2 hours away….!! We’ll be here another year. You and Tim are always welcomed where we are, whereever we go.

  4. The picker made it too easy! The oranges are really sweet, and the grapefruit is really great too! Thanks for letting Sue and I pick a few! I need to have a plate on my desk when I eat the orange at lunch time. Too juicy (but really good)!

    • We really appreciate the picker Pete. My girlfriend came over today and she and her son enjoyed picking some out of the trees. The oranges would have been impossible without that thing because we’re all short!

  5. Fruit trees, yeah! You guys are really lucky. Oranges tend to be plentiful in Florida and neighbors usually have a hard time finding enough people to give them away to. Enjoy!

  6. What’s Florida’s motto Marcia? Is it the sunshine state? It shoudl be the orange juice state! Right on! Pass the o.j.!

  7. Hiya Jennifer..what a wonderful contraption that fruit picker is…I was going to suggest a long pole but what you have is even better…

    I love grapefuit. I wonder what you are going to do with them

    love P

  8. Like your picker πŸ™‚ Fruit looks good too πŸ™‚

  9. Wow thats so awesome. Lucky you guys. So healthy for you too. The act of picking and eating fresh fruit that came from tree to table or tree directly to mouth (:

  10. @Polish mom–the tea, grapefruit juice and honey concoction sounds delicious! Did you make that up? My husband and I eat the kumquats off the trees as snacks! ha!

    • About the tea. I can’t drink plain green tea. It makes me really sick to my stomach, but when I drink it with something in it, it’s just fine. Very strange!
      I used to eat kumquats just like you and I loved it, but my husband is little bit dtrange when it comes to food. I need to sneak many thing in stuff for him to eat it, or combine it with different foods – that’s why I was making those salads… just for him. πŸ™‚
      btw, your souffle just came out of the oven and it smells like heaven!!!

      • Well, that’s very good of you Polishmom to make sure he gets all his nutrients. You’re a good wife. I like your creativity with the tea. And I like how we have our own private conversation just between us! You make me laugh. I love your comments!

  11. Picking real fruit from a tree is the best ever! I grew up on a farm and used that same type of “picker” many times myself to pick apples!

    Great post as usual.

  12. That’s so WONDERFUL. I grew up with a kumquat tree. We used to love making preserves with it. Such a unique tart and tangy taste with sweet orange like undertones. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE fruit trees and are so happy to hear your fruit flowing abundance. You are blessed with this great home and its ability to produce. Good Job to Matt’s Brother. Take care until next time. Have a wonderful day and weekend.

    • Thanks Attracting Wellness! I’d never heard of kumquat fruit until we moved here. Well, you learn something new every day, right? πŸ™‚
      We’re so spoiled now. Do you think we’ll ever find another house to rent with fruit trees? I can’t imagine life without them now! I love it! Do you have any in your yard?

  13. Having your own produce section in your own backyard…that’s great…and such a variety……I use to work in the produce dept. at Kroger’s….do you have a Kroger’s down there?

    • No Kroger’s. But with oranges like these, I’m telling you. I’ve never tasted anything so sweet and juicy. Every time I bite into one of them, I feel like I must be committing some mortal sin. They’re so good! Produce section in my front yard. That made me laugh!

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